613377 65/...
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior ......
prepared by ........
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/... - .................???  

In 1969 Yugoslavian customs auctioned off a car that had been seized because of duty and document problems. This car is included here because at that time it was stamped AR 613377, engine 00502/A-18905. However, questions persist whether the identity of the car and previous owner information had been forged.


68 - imported to Yugoslavia by N. Makarov.
Seized for failure to pay taxes/duties and lack of official documents. (There were only informal documents claiming a sale from Maurizio Jacoangeli to Makarov, and a cancelled registration “Roma 825610” – neither could ever be confirmed.)

69/mar - Offered at Customs Auction, Belgrade, YU  
69/mar - Vladimir Pajevic, Belgrade, YU “BG 307777”
70 - homologation expired
72 - Dragan Andjelkovic, YU (via Autosrbia JSC)  
7. - Original Twin Spark engine destroyed, replaced with standard 1750 engine. Discovered Italian 1968 road tax sticker wedged behind dash for registration “SO 29934”. See: AR 613637.  
7. - scrapped after accident