613311 65/Jun/7
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior White
Interior Black
prepared by ........
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1965/Jun/10 - So,F.A.R., Paris, France
65 - perhaps the first GTA delivered in France  
../... - Dr. Henri Le Tasty, the owner of Castle Malabry, F
../... -  Jacques Huhart, former engineer at Matra, Viry-Châtillon, F "3320 QX 91" (F)
../... - sticker P. Vander at the bottom of the front fenders
75/... - current owner (2014) "4976 TZ 38"
2014/Feb - offered by Artcurial in their Retromobile Auction
Lot 505 - Est. €90,000 - 120,000 -
Sold €150,192

According to the owner, this car has equipment and special options, such as magnesium rims of 6 and 7-inches, the cover of the gearbox is in magnesium, the large oil sump is also in magnesium, inside a dashboard in light period plastic. It is also equipped with a fuel tank of 60 liters. Under the hood, we find the GTA twin spark GTA engine with polished and expanded lines, special camshafts and 45 DCOE Weber carburetors. It includes Autodelta oil vapour recovery device and a big oil cooler. The rear suspension has an anti-roll bar, while for the transmission, the 'box is a close ratio and the rear axle is stamped with the numbers 8/41.
Inside, the cabin has a small roll bar and everything looks completely original, unrestored. The seats show typical usury of a car that has been regularly used and the wooden three-spoke steering wheel is from GTA style .
Overall, this car is of a rare original condition. Devoid of any restoration, it is an invaluable opportunity to acquire a rare Giulia Sprint GTA with unquestionable authenticity, delivered new in France and which has remained in the same hands for many years.

It has recently been restarted and provides a unique base for a fantastic restoration project.

2016/feb - offered by Artcurial in their Retromobile Auction
Lot 124 - Est. €150,000 - 200,000 -
Sold €441,040