613274 65/...
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior ...... two tone paint
prepared by Angelini
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/Jan/18 -  Squadra Angelini, Roma, I "Roma 906521"
1966/jun/26 11th OA
2nd T1.6
Mont Ventoux Ignazio Giunti, I 613699
1966/apr/17 1st IC Coppa Belmonte, Citta di Avola-Avola Antica Ignazio Giunti    
1966/dec/4 1st OA III Criterium dell'Ora a Vallelunga Ignazio Giunti #214  
1967/mar/12 1st T1.6 Trofeo Sambuca Molinari, Vallelunga Ignazio Giunti    
1967/apr/16 1st OA II Trofeo Marathon Ignazio Giunti  
1967/Oct/14 1st T1.6 Trofeo Ettore Bettoja, Vallelunga Ignazio Giunti #78  
1968/Oct/5 dnf Trofeo Luigi Musso, Vallelunga Aldo Cerruti „Baronio“ #290  
1969/jun/15 1st T1.6 Aosta-Pila Aldo Cerruti #164  
70/aug - Luigi Feigl, Milano, I "MI L58261"
70-73 - raced by Luigi Feigl  
72/jul/2 1st GTS 1.6 Trento - Bondone Luigi Feigl    
74/feb - Camillo Citterio, Meda, I
1975/may/20 ? 6h Monza

Camilio Citterio (I)
Piero Caronni (I)

77/jan - ......., I
1982/... - Roman Tucker, USA trunk release on the driver side ... but in 65 it was on the passenger side
90's/early Lime Rock, CT ... AROC convention  
92/aug - offered in HMN "ex-Lirico of Torino by Matt Jones, TX, USA  
90's - Meadow Brooks Concours d'Elegance red with white under tray
9./... - several West Coast owners #32
11/aug/12 - Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion ... Henry Davis Red / white / yellow
07 - there is one 613274 in Europe and one in the USA  
09/... - in Germany for restoration  
15/aug/01 - Schloss Dyck Classic Days "Roma 906521" (I)
"GER AR 8H" (D)