613162 65/...
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior Rosso
prepared by Autodelta
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/oct/07 - Autodelta SpA, Settimo Milanese, I  
65/Oct/7 - Michele Prigigallo, Cagliari, I "CA 87587"
65/oct/10 2nd OA
1st T1.6
I Coppa citta di Iglesias Michele Prigigallo #88 Autodelta Entry
66/mar/27 5th OA
4th T1.6
Coppa Gallenga, Roma Michele Prigigallo #388 "CA 87587"
66/may/15 1st OA
1st T1.6
Alghero - Scala Piccada Michele Prigigallo    
66/may/22 dna II Coppa Gigi Olivari Michele Prigigallo    
68/may/4 - ........, Cagliari, I  
69/sep/22 - ........, Cagliari, I "CA 144240"
75/jan/21 - ........, Cagliari, I  
75/nov/14 - ........, Sassari, I "SS 146738"
81/jan/6 - ........, Sassari, I  
../... - Scuderia Mediolanum, I  
01/... - Autostoriche - 1° di classe con Maurizio Giovannini
2° di classe con Angelo Beretta
03/mar/23 13th OA
1st IC
Les 12 heures de JARAMA Autostoriche - Durata
2nd car with this chassis number is offered  ... but it is stamped 619162
67/early - Ove Andersson, S ... bought 613162 and 613102 for Kjell Ehrmann
Ehrmann sold 102 shortly after and then raced 162 extensively in the 1960'es
613102 ... was offered and sold by Alfaholics in 2013  
67/may/20-21 6th OA Karlskoga Velodromlopper Kjell Ehrmann
67/jun/23 3rd OA Midnattsolslopper,
Falmarksbana Airfield
Kjell Ehrmann
67/jul/02 5th OA Dalsland Ring Kjell Ehrmann #17
67/aug/05-06 dnf accident Västkustloppet Falkenberg Kjell Ehrmann #9
68/aug/11 dnf Kanonloppet Karlskoga Ake Sundh
76 - Bjoern Sandberg, Taby, S
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