613073 65/...
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior Rosso
prepared by Autodelta
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/aug/1 6th OA
3rd Div. 2 16000
Bergrennen zur Axamer Lizum de Adamich #83 with bumpers

"UD 109055"

belongs to
65/aug/2 - Autodelta SpA, Udine, I "UD 111643"
65/aug/7 dnf
XI. Kanonloppet de Adamich #42 "UD 111643"
65/aug/15 2nd OA
2nd Div. 2 1600
Snetterton 500 km Roberto Bussinello, I #43 with bumpers
"UD 111643"
65/aug/29 8th OA
6th Div. 2 1600
Zandvoort Trophy

Paolo de Leonibus, I

65/oct/27-31 1st T1.6 tappa 1-3 Rally Jolly Hotels, Palermo - Trieste Roberto Bussinello
Riccardo di Bona
66/mar/19-20 dnf 4 Ore Jolly Club a Monza Roberto Bussinello
Jochen Rindt
#64 ???
66/.../.. - ........, ..  
66/aug/13-14 2nd TC 1600 Int. ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf
TC 1300 - 1600 cc
Herbert Schultze, D    
67/... - raced by Dieter Muench, G mainly hillclimbs
67/May/7 5th T1.6

ADAC-Hansa-Pokalrennen, Nürburgring Südschleife

Dieter Muench   (\ /) shaped air intake Only on very early cars)

two center stripe
double stripes fom air intake to under tray
68/dec - Dieter Machatius, Bremen, G "HB HM 695"
68/apr/13-14 3rd Gr. 2 1600 Rheydter DMV-Rundstrecken-Rennen Zolder
Group 2
Dieter Machatius, D    
68/may/5 dnf AvD-Rundstreckenrennen Fassberg
Group 5
Dieter Machatius, D    
69/jul/19-20 2nd Gr. 5 1600 2. ADAC Flugplatzrennen Diepholz
Group 5 over 1300 cc
Dieter Machatius, D    
69/aug/30-31 2nd Gr. 5 1600

4. ADAC Westfalen Pokal Rennen, Zolder
Group 5

Dieter Machatius, D    
69/sep/7 1st Gr. 5 1600 2. Hohenloher ADAC Flugplatzrennen Niederstetten
Group 5
Dieter Machatius, D    
69/oct/4-5 5th OA
2nd GR 5 1600
Int. ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Hohn/Rendsburg
Touring cars and Group 5 1300-1600 cc
Dieter Machatius, D #728  
69/oct/25-26 4th Gr. 5 1600 Internationales AvD Rundstreckenrennen Aachen, Zolder
Group 5
Dieter Machatius, D    
70/may/2-3 1st GT 1.6 "Bergischer Löwe", Zolder Dieter Machatius, D    
70/may - Guenther Kutz, Ennepetal, G
70/may/30-31 dnf 5. ADAC-Junioren Trophy Zandvoort
Günther Kutz, D    
70/jul/26 dns Flugplatzrennen, Sembach Günther Kutz, D #241  
70/aug/29-30 1st GT1.6 Westfalen-Pokal-Rennen, Zolder
Günther Kutz, D    
70/oct/2-4 4th OA ADAC Sauerland Bergpreis, Nüttlar - Kallenhardt Günther Kutz, D #178  
70/oct/17-18 1st  GT 1.6 Bergrennen Idar-Oberstein Günther Kutz, D    
71/mar/26-27 dnf AvD Rundstreckenrennen “Bergischer Löwe”, Zolder
GTs under 1600 cc
Günther Kutz, D    
71/may/30 1st Gr. 4 1600 Int. ADAC Rhein-Ruhr Pokalrennen, Zolder Günther Kutz, D    
71/jun/19-20 4th GT 1600

7. Internationales Flugplatz-Rennen Mainz-Finthen, Rennen 9  GTs under 2000 cc

Günther Kutz, D    
71/aug/14-15 1st Gr.4 1600

2. ADAC Münsterland Pokal Rennen, Zandvoort, Netherlands

Günther Kutz, D    
../... - raced by Jon Shipman and Mark Hales  
before 07/jan - yellow oxford blue left fender corner r#72  
2007 - Ross Warburton, UK  
13/sep/..   Goodwood Revival   #4 red black wheels