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330 GT / SWB Replica s/n 8441GT

10/21/2022, 7:50:51 PM cet

Essen, Germany, April 6-9, 2000

A tribute to the past
Few Ferrari on show
The highlights
Some other examples of interest

A tribute to the past
The “Techno Classica” which is held annually in spring in Essen, Germany, claims to be the world’s largest classic car exposition and is described as an ”international swap meet for oldtimers, classic cars, motorcycles, spare parts and the restoration industry”.
However, it is at least the most important show of its kind in Europe, and thus the Techno Classica usually attracts many dealers who have one or several Ferrari on offer. This year, the exhibition was hosted between April 6 and 9.

Few Ferrari on show
Very briefly: This year’s Techno Classica mirrored the situation on the Ferrari market perfectly. There are almost no really important cars on the market, others are overpriced, and even the number of ”normal” classic road models of the marque like the 330 GTC, 365 GTC/4 or 365 GTB/4 Daytona which are for sale is very, very small.

The highlights
The real star among the few Ferrari automobiles which had been brought to Essen – I counted only 16 examples! – was the very rare 625 Targa Florio Spider Vignale, s/n 0304TF, of noted classic car specialist Klaus Werner of Wuppertal/Germany. This car looks like one of the so-called Series II spyder-bodies by Vignale which clothed the better known 166 MM/53s, 250 MMs or 340 MMs, but it has the 2,5 liter four-cylinder engine which was also installed in the formula cars of that period. Prior owners of s/n 0304TF include the well-known Ferrari historian Antoine Prunet.

Jack Braam-Ruben of Maastricht/Netherlands again showed his incredibly original 212 Inter Coupé Vignale s/n 0217EL which he had already displayed during the Rétromobile show in Paris about two months earlier. At the Techno Classica, s/n 0217EL – which has been dug out from a barn in Cuba – was shown by noted auctioneers Coys of Kensington. Any future owner of this timepiece should think about restoring the mechanical components only while leaving the exterior and interior in the original state.

The Automuseum Deventer, Netherlands, presented the 250 GTE s/n 3611GT which has been rebodied many years ago using the spectacular Drogo body which had originally dressed 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione s/n 2735GT. I understand that s/n 3611GT is American-owned at present; in 1998, the car had been badly crashed in a historic race at Imola. In Essen, the car was tagged 650.000,-DM, which is WAY too much in my opinion. Well, the Drogo body is flamboyant and the design is often being regarded as one of the most beautiful or desirable ever used on a Ferrari, but basically s/n 3611GT is ”only” a 250 GTE whose engine has been upgraded to competition specs.

The German classic car dealer C. F. Mirbach of Riedering near Munich showed an immaculate 250 GT Coupé Boano. This early example (s/n 0505GT) has been restored to perfection and has reportedly been based in Austria for many years already. I was told that the price was between 400.000,-DM and 450.000,-DM, which is unfortunately at least 75.000,-DM to much, even for this car.

Some other examples of interest
French dealer Michel Mhitarian had brought several Ferrari from Paris. He reportedly sold a nicely made 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Replica, based on 330 GT 2+2 Series II s/n 8441GT. This replica had been manufactured by the famous bodywork expert Allegretti in Italy; some years ago, 8441GT had passed into French ownership through well-known German Ferrari specialist Mario Bernardi. Mhitarian’s company ”MMC” also displayed a 288 GTO and an F40. The 288 GTO’s serial number 52729 easily identified the car as an early example which was sold new to former Ferrari Club Italia-president Emilio Cassinielli of Allessandria/Italy. S/n 52729 is in a good, but not excellent state, and with about 38.000 kms on the clock, the asking price of 480.000,-DM was slightly too high.

The ”Oldtimer Garage” of Memmingen/Germany offered a nice 250 GT Coupé Pininfarina (s/n 1097GT) which had been imported from Sweden by a classic car enthusiast living in northern Germany. He once told me ”I bought it because it was cheap.”, and now being priced in the region of 115.000,-DM, this restored example still isn’t overpriced.

What I found somehow amusing was the idea by a man living in Wuppertal/Germany of selling his Dino 246 GT at about 135.000,-DM. This is the price-range of the Dino 246 GTS, but s/n 04246 on offer is a coupé which had been imported from the U.S. a number of years ago. At a first glance, the light metallic blue Dino looked quite nice, but a close look on how the front wheels fit into the arches revealed that this car very probably once had a heavy accident which has been badly repaired. So... at least 60.000,-DM too much on the sticker!

As mentioned earlier, the turnout of Ferrari automobiles was meager at the Techno Classica 2000. But this simply proved that one does not need classic car shows to sell interesting and collectible Ferrari.

Andreas Birner

CCV European Classics (Jersey)

Dino 246 GTS 06884 red / tan owner: Hartmann

Coys of Kensington (London) /

212 Inter Coupé Vignale 0217EL copper metallic / green very, very original

Jack Braam-Ruben (Maastricht)

Automuseum Deventer

250 GT Berlinetta Drogo 3611GT silvergrey metallic / burgundy plate 722 HYR

Autohaus Lieske (Bensheim)

328 GTS 64903 red / black plate DA-DZ 999

C. F. Mirbach (Riedering)

250 GT Coupé Boano 0505GT dark blue-silver top / l’blue owner: Kallinger

MMC / Athané Automobiles (Paris)

330 GT / SWB Replica 8441GT red / black plate ABW 115D


512 BBi 46643 red / black plate 6861 ZQ 78


288 GTO 52729 red / black 38.193 kms

F40 82940 red / red cloth plate G24 YPD

Oldtimer Garage (Memmingen)

250 GT Coupé Pininfarina 1097GT white / red owner: E. Mayer

Top Cars (Essen)

400 GT 21461 dark met. grey / black ex-Switzerland

 KOENIG Competition

64577 red / tan

328 GTS (US-model) 76891 red / tan

Testarossa 85363 red / black

Klaus Werner (Wuppertal)

625 TF Spider Vignale 0304TF red / tan

? (Wuppertal)

Dino 246 GT 04246 light metallic blue / blue plate W-GT 246
  Exhibitor			Car 			S/N 	Color/Interior 		Remarks
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