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7/12/2018, 2:53:07 PM cet

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Maserati Coupé Cambiocorsa
Maserati Coupé GT

State of the art without compromise
The Maserati Coupé is the most comprehensively advanced car in the high performance GT sector. Only the Maserati Coupé can offer 390 bhp from a totally new 4200 cm3 V8 engine in aluminum alloy, teamed with genuine spacious comfort for four adults; a Formula 1 style gearshift which can also be used in the fully automatic version; leather and luxury material interior trim, and the optimum weight distribution guaranteed by the advanced Transaxle layout of the rear gearbox-differential assembly.

The Coupé offers a unique combination of top level performance, with a maximum speed of 285 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and interior space, with room for four passengers, and a boot which can comfortably hold two golf bags. The innovative lines of the model are completely new, and line up alongside the recently presented Spyder. The Coupé and the Spyder will be presented together at the Los Angeles and Detroit motor shows, heralding Maserati’s return to North America.

A question of style
Created by Italdesign-Giugiaro, the Maserati Coupé presents a series of  innovations, from the prominent new bonnet with its muscular styling which underlines the inclusion of the brand new engine, to the tail with its new concept in lighting design and clear lens technology. The spacious interiors boast an additional 25 mm height and 15 mm length at the front, adding to the trademark Maserati comfort, and the new range of colours offers the possibility to freely combine 16 paint finishes with 10 colours for the interior leathers and 5 for the floor mats.

As with each Maserati sold, the client can take advantage of the ”Officine Alfieri Maserati” program, which offers a vast range of personalized vehicle configurations.

The engine Power and flexibility
The new, specially designed 4244 cm3 engine, with eight cylinders in a 90° V, is compact and light-weight (only 184 kg), and has the structure of the most advanced racing engine. It is precursor to a new generation of Maserati engines designed to combine performance, torque and efficiency, with emissions in compliance with existing and future regulations.

The crankcase and cylinder heads are in aluminum and silicon alloy, and the crankshaft has five main bearings. Timing is by way of two chain-driven overhead camshafts per bank of cylinders and four valves per cylinder. The intake camshafts are equipped with a high pressure continuous valve timing control system, with a complete activation time of less than 0.15 seconds.

Lubrication is by dry sump with oil and water pumps in a single block. The integrated Bosch ME7.3.2 ignition and injection systems with OBD II (On Board Detection and Diagnosis System) allow for the detection of any operating malfunction, as well as guaranteeing that emissions regulations are respected.

The accelerator is electronically controlled via the "drive by wire" system, while the electronic control unit (ECU) interacts with the other systems via a CAN (Controlled Area Network) line for optimum engine management.

The figures speak for themselves: maximum output of 390 bhp (287 kW) at 7000 rpm, with maximum torque of 46 kgm (451 Nm) at 4500 rpm.

Transmission with Transaxle layout
The Transaxle layout means that the gearbox (a newly designed longitudinal gearbox, mechanical transmission with six gears plus reverse) is at the rear, integral with the differential (segmented self-locking), guaranteeing optimum weight distribution between the two axles and the ultimate in driving performance, with greater stability and balance, translating into maximum traction and searing acceleration take-off.

The Transaxle layout includes a rigid link between engine and gearbox via a tubular element which houses the transmission shaft. The high torque available is transmitted through the dry dual-disc clutch with torsional flexible coupling and coaxial hydraulic control.

The Maserati Coupé is available with both manual 6-gear transmission, and electronically-activated 6-gear transmission with computerized selection. This solution, known as the Cambiocorsa, gives the driver the choice between an extremely sporty manual gearshift (with two sports settings available) or Full Automatic. In both cases the engagement and disengagement of the clutch are automatically activated by the electronic management system integrated with engine control. The Cambiocorsa function is activated using the levers behind the steering wheel, while the four different settings available – Normal, Sport, Full Automatic and Low Grip – are selected with dedicated controls.

Suspension and driving dynamics
The superior performance of the new Maserati Coupé is attributable not only to the quality of its engine, but also to the combination of ”sensitive” components for enhanced driveability and driver control. The suspension system means greater control of the drive train, reducing the volume of the non-damped elements with regulator bars and forged aluminum arms. The suspension system also includes front and rear anti-roll bars and anti-dive and anti-squat features. Also available, on request, is the Skyhook automatic damping control system, designed in collaboration with Mannesmann-Sachs and a world first here on the Spyder. This system has six acceleration sensors which detect the driving conditions and automatically adjust the aluminum dampers, with continuous control and instant response (10 times faster than a conventional system). With the Skyhook system the driver can also choose between two different settings: Normal (for maximum comfort) or Sport (for maximum performance). The Maserati Coupé also offers electronic traction control (ASR antiskid) excludable and integrated into the engine management system and the automatic gearshift (depending on the Cambiocorsa settings). Hydraulic power steering gradually reduces the servo effect as the speed increases.

Braking system and safety features
The Maserati Coupé features a highly efficient sports braking system created in collaboration with Brembo, with large ventilated disks and light-alloy four piston calipers. The brake servo has a two-stage operation, and the friction is HP 1000 from Ferodo. The antilock system is the Bosch ABS 5.3 with aluminum pedals. Overall safety is guaranteed by the steel monococque integrated at the front with a tubular structure which passes the strictest European and American regulations on passive safety in the case of impact, as well as the main passive safety devices (front and side airbags, seat belt pretensioners, and a fuel inertia switch).

Life on board and fittings
The vehicle has been designed to provide the ultimate in sporting performance combined with genuine on-board comfort for four adults, from the leather interiors, the elegant trim and the analogue dashboard instrumentation in front of the driver.
Electronics have been widely used, but with the focus on safety without compromising driving pleasure and response. Driving is also enhanced by the Maserati Info Centre, with its CD stereo, on-board computer, climate control system and, on request, the GPS satellite navigation and telephone module. There is a wide range of further options fitted as standard or available on request.

Trimmings and customisation
With 16 exterior paint finishes, 10 colours for the leather interiors and 5 for the floor mats available to choose from, the combinations are practically endless, and the possible colour schemes have been conceived to give the interiors of new Coupé a particularly aesthetic balance of tones. The ”Officine Alfieri Maserati” programme allows the customer to personalize the car, from the trimmings to the interior upholstery, the high performance stereo system and colour options for elements like the brake calipers. It is also possible to create a custom-blended colour for the exterior paint work. A personalized name or signature can even be engraved on the door sills.

Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Maserati Coupe
Officine Alfieri Maserati
Leather and paint colour samples in office reception
Maserati Spyder CambioCorsa