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The Ritz-Carlton, Best in Show, Concours d'Elegance
1931 DuPont Model "H" Sport Phaeton
Richard Riegel
Montchanin, DE

The Ritz-Carlton, Best in Show, Concours de Sport
1961 Ferrari 250 TRI/61
Peter Sachs
Stamford, CT

American Classic Closed (1925-1948)
1936 Packard V-12 Town Car LeBaron
Tom Moretti
Inverness, IL

American Classic Open (1923 - 1931)

1930 Cadillac 16, 452A Roadster, Fleetwood
Robert and Brigitte Thayer
Atlanta, GA

American Classic Open (1932 - 1934)

1933 Chrysler Custom Imperial
Guy E. Beatty
Charleston, SC

American Classic Open (1935 - 1948)

1940 Cadillac Model 90-67
Off Brothers Collection
Richland, MI

Alternate Power / Alternate Fuel

1912 Rauch & Lang TC
John W. Rich, Sr.
Pottsville, PA


1938 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante Coupe
J. Peter Ministrelli
Troy, MI

Cars Of The CAN-AM Series

1967 McLaren M6 A-1
Harry Mathews
Arvada, CO

Coachwork Fords

1934 Ford Luxus 2 Door Cabriolet
Chris and Kathleen Koch
Palm Coast, FL


1933 Duesenberg SJ Riviera Phaeton
Classy Classic Cars
Houston, TX


1929 DuPont "G" 4 Place Speedster
Thomas L. duPont
Saint Petersburg, FL

European Classic (1924 - 1936)

1932 Maybach Zeppelin D S 8
The Nethercutt Collection
Sylmar, CA

European Classic (1937 - 1953)

1938 Peugeot Darl 'Mat 402 Special Sport Roadster
Lee Munder
Palm Beach, FL

Ferrari Race Cars

1952 Ferrari 212 Barchetta
Mr. Bill Jacobs
Joliet, IL

Great American Convertibles

1962 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
Don McCullen
High Springs, FL

Great American Woodies

1941 Chrysler Town and Country
Jim and Marla Diamond
GrosseIle, MI

Horseless Carriage (1895 - 1915)

1906 Studebaker "G"
Linda and Eric Edwards
Baxter, Ontario,CANADA

Horseless Carriage (40+ HP)

1906 Columbia Mark XLVII
William Parfet
Hickory Corners, MI

Jaguar Race Cars

1985 Jaguar XJR-7
Jim and Mary Rogers
Vero Beach, FL

Cars of Johnny Rutherford

1974 McLaren M16C
Patrick S. Ryan
Montgomery, AL

Art Deco Motorcycles

1938 Zundapp K800
John Landstrom, Blue Moon Cycle
Norcross, GA

Mercedes Benz (1946 - 1972)

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300b Pinin Farina
Fred Kriz

Micro Cars

1950 Reyonnah
Bruce Weiner
Atlanta, GA

Porsche 934 / 935

1975 Porsche 934
Matthew Drendel
Hickory, NC

Porsche (Early)

1959 Porsche Carrera GS/GT Speedster
Millard and Holly Quillian
Palmetto, FL

Promotional Vehicles

1970 V-8 Juice Roadster
Petersen Automotive Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Race Cars (1946 - 1960)

1953 O.S.C.A. MT-4
Tom Stegman
Cincinnati, OH

Race Cars (1961 - 1973)

1964 Elva-Porsche Mark 7S
Jeff Files
Durham, NC

Rare Hemis

1953 Cunningham C5R
The Collier Collection
Naples, FL

Rolls-Royce / Bentley Post War

1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Convertible
Steve Wolf
Boca Raton, FL

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Piccadilly
Walt and Jean Zeigler
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Sports Cars (Pre - 1942)

1939 MG TB Tickford
Leonard Star
Hudson, OH

Sports And GT Cars (1946 - 1959)

1954 Maserati A6GCS
J.W. Marriott, Jr.
Washington, DC

Sports And GT Cars (1961 - 1972)

1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
Michael Regalia
Thousand Oaks, CA

Steam Cars (Condenser)

1921 Stanley Model 735E Roadster
Scott and Susan Cruse
Milford, OH

Steam Cars (Coffin Nose)

1913 Stanley 65 10 HP Touring Car
Michael L. Roach
Libertyville, IL

Steam Cars (Tiller)

1905 Stanley CX
P. Michael May
Northport, MI

American Classic Closed (1925-1948)
1932 Lincoln KB Judkins Coupe
Wellington and Janet Morton
Fruit Cove, FL

American Classic Open (1923 - 1931)

1930 Cadillac Series 452 Roadster
William Parfet
Hickory Corners, MI

American Classic Open (1932 - 1934)

1934 Packard 1108 Dietrich Convertible Sedan
Ralph and Adeline Marano
Westfield, NJ
1934 Packard Convertible
William J. Chorkey
Farmington Hills, MI

American Classic Open (1935 - 1948)

1940 Buick 81C-Limited Phaeton
Doug Seybold
Westlake, OH
1935 Auburn Speedster
Timothy Durham
Indianapolis, IN

Alternate Power/Alternate Fuel

1968 Lotus 56- Indy Turbine Car
Bruce Linsmeyer
Danville, IN


1939 Bugatti Type 57C Arvis Coupe by Gangloff
Mark Hyman
St. Louis, MO

Cars Of The CAN-AM Series

1969 Porsche 917 PA
The Collier Collection
Naples, FL

1974 Shadow DN4
Juan Gonzalez
Dallas, TX

1967 Lola T70 Mark IIIb Spyder
Hogan Family
Littleton, CO

Coachwork Fords

1934 Ford Town Cabriolet DeVille
Paul A. Ianuario, Sr.
Duncan, SC


1923 Duesenberg "A" Roadster with Rumble Seat
Dr. Peter Heydon
Ann Arbor, MI


1930 DuPont G-Town Car by Merrimac
The Nethercutt Collection
Sylmar, CA

1928 DuPont Dual Cowl Phaeton
Willis H. duPont
Palm Beach, FL

European Classic (1924 - 1936)

1928 Isotta Franchini Boattail Speedster LeBaron
Pete Todosijevic
Portage, IN

1930 Isotta Fraschini 8A SS
Lawrence and Justin Smith
Wichita, KS

European Classic (1937 - 1953)

1947 Talbot Lago T26 GS Franay Coupe
Stephen P. Cortinovis
St. Louis, MO

1948 Talbot Lago T-26 Cabriolet
William B. Ruger, Jr.
Newport, NH

Ferrari Race Cars

1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial - Note from the editor 166 MM with Scaglietti Mondial style body (Dino's car)
Oscar Davis
Elizabeth, NJ

Great American Convertibles

1948 Buick Roadmaster
Robert E. Turnquist
Morristown, NJ

Great American Woodies

1947 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon
Dick and Joyce Thams
Gaylord, MI

Horseless Carriage (1895 - 1915)

1905 Reo "B"
Lammot Copeland
Wilmington, DE

Horseless Carriage (40+ HP)
1911 Thomas K-670 Flyabout
John and Dora McMullen
Lapeer, MI

1910 American Traveler
Off Brothers Collection
Richland, MI

Jaguar Race Cars
1958 Lister Jaguar Costin
Vintage Motorsport Educational Foundation
Rye, NY

Cars of Johnny Rutherford

1980 Chaparral Pennzoil Chaparral 2K-02
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

Art Deco Motocycles

1936 Harley-Davidson EL
Dale Walksler/Wheels Through Time Museum
Maggie Valley, NC

1940 Indian 4 640-B Sport Scout
Robin Markey
Etters, PA

Micro Cars

1955 Messerschmitt KR-200
Bruce Weiner
Atlanta, GA

1955 Kroboth Allwetterroller
Bruce Weiner
Atlanta, GA

Porsche (Early)

1953 Porsche 356 Heuer K-9/1
Gary Kempton
Crawfordville, FL

1960 Porsche 356B Carrera Roadster T5
Classic Parts, Peter Hofmann
Saarbruecken, Germany

Promotional Vehicles

1983 March 83G
David Cowart and Kenper Miller
Tampa, FL

Race Cars (1946 - 1960)

1954 Kurtis 500KK
David L. George, II
Cochranville, PA

Race Cars (1961 - 1973)

1969 Ford GT40
Archie Urciuoli
Rowayton, CT

Sports Cars (Pre - 1942)

1932 Maserati Model 4CS by Brianza
Gary Ford
Pipersville, PA

1932 Aston Martin LeMans
Richard Schulze
Tillman, SC

Sports and GT Cars (1946 - 1959)

1957 BMW 507
Malcolm S. Pray, Jr.
Greenwich, CT

1954 Jaguar XK 120
Terri Henning
Charleston, SC

Sports And GT Cars (1961 - 1972)

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Roadster
William "Tom" Gerrard
Big Sky, MT

1966 Bizzarrini Spyder S.I. Prototype
Mark and Allison Sassak
Plymouth, MI

Steam Cars (Condenser)

1918 Stanley Model 735 7-Passenger Touring
Robert E. Wilhelm, Jr.

Steam Cars (Coffin Nose)

1908 Stanley H5 Gentlemen's Speedy Roadster
Norm Shanklin
Wilton, NH

The Mercedes-Benz Star of Excellence for the most Outstanding Mercedes-Benz
1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K "C" Cabriolet
John D. Groendyke
Enid, OK

The duPont Registry's People's Choice Award

1931 DuPont Model "H" Sport Phaeton
Richard Riegel
Montchanin, DE

The Breitling Watch Award for the Car of Timeless Beauty

1936 Bugatti Type 57 Paul Nee Coupe
John LaBarbera and Lynn Gabriel
Pasadena, CA

The Compass Bank Award for the Best Open Car

1931 DuPont Model "H" Sport Phaeton
Richard Riegel
Montchanin, DE

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway/Tony Hulman Award for the Most Historically Significant Racecar

1967 Gurney Eagle
Eagle Partners
Indianapolis, IN

The Daytona Speedway Blue Bird Award for the Most Beautiful Race Car

1961 Ferrari 250 TRI/61
Scuderia N.E.
Stamford, CT

The Camille Jenatzy Award for the Car with the Most Audacious Exterior

1930 Cadillac Budweiser II
St. Louis 2004 Exposition-Gregg R. Rhomb
St. Louis, MO

The Chairman's Choice Award for the Car Most Appealing to the Chairmen

1964 Lang Cooper
Claude Nahum
Founex, Switzerland

The Meguiar's Award for the Car with the Most Outstanding Finish

1931 Duesenberg "J" Convertible Coupe
Chris and Kathleen Koch
Palm Coast, FL

The Road & Track Trophy for the Car the Editors of Road & Track Would Most Like to Drive Home

1956 Jaguar XKSS
Petersen Automotive Museum
Los Angeles, CA

The Parish-Heacock Award for the Most Elegant Steam Car

1925 Doble Series E
The Nethercutt Collection
Sylmar, CA

The Autoweek Award for The Most Historically Significant Can-Am Car

1966 Chaparral 2E
Petroleum Museum
Midland, TX

The Don Andrews Award for The Spirit of the Concours, A Driver's Car That Is Driven Often and Enjoyed by It's Owner

1957 King Midget Roadster
Joy Alexa Russolillo
Suffield, CT

The Alcoa Wheel Award For The Most Elegant Sports Car

1956 Pegaso Z-102 Panoramica
Jack and Vi Vopal
Simi Valley, CA
The First Coast News Award for the Car Representing the Most Advanced Styling for It's Era
1934 Duesenberg SJ 517
Robert and Sandra Bahre
Alton, NH

The Ultimate Motorworks Award for The Car Exhibiting Exceptional Engineering for the Era in which it was Manufactured

1969 Bizzarrini Manta
Ron and Diane Spindler
Encino, CA

The Coastal Living Trophy for the Most Elegant Closed Car

1932 Diamler Double Six
J. Peter Ministrelli
Troy, MI

The RM Restorations Award for The Best Unrestored Car

1960 Porsche Beutler 4 Place Coupe
Jim Watson and Tom Trabue
Lewisburg, TN

The General Motors/Dave Holls Award for the Most Outstanding General Motors Car

1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
Gerry and Kris Girdaukas
Libertyville, IL

The Claude Nolan Cadillac Award for the Most Elegant Cadillac

1936 Cadillac 36-90 Aero-Dynamic Coupe
William Parfet
Hickory Corners, MI

The White Oak Plantation Award for The Best Use of Wood in a Station Wagon or Sedan

Presented by Mr. Tom Gallacher, The White Oak Plantation
1949 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible
Bruce Earlin
Dunnellon, FL

The RaceTorations Award for The Best New Coachwork or Re-Creation

1906 Stanley Rocket
The City of Ormond Beach
Ormond Beach, FL

The Daimler Chrysler Award for the Most Beautiful Chrysler Corporation Car

1933 Chrysler CL Phaeton
James Covert
Jupiter, FL

The David E. Davis, Jr. Trophy for The Most Outstanding Post-War American Car

1953 Buick Skylark
Lawrence M. Macks
Glyndon, MD

The Porsche Trophy for The Most Outstanding Porsche Competition Car

1979 Porsche 935
The Brumos Collection
Jacksonville, FL

The Porsche Club of America Award for the Most Outstanding Porsche

1955 Porsche Pre-A 356 1500RS
E. Kent Rawson Collection
St. Petersburg, FL

The Spirit of Ferrari Award for the Ferrari representing The Spirit of Enzo Ferrari

1955 Ferrari 410 Sport
Brian Ross
Cortland, OH

The Ford Motor Company/E.T. "Bob" Gregorie Trophy for Enduring Design Excellence

1937 Ford Darrin 78 Cabriolet
J. B. Saunders, III
Edmond, OK

The Super Rod Magazine Trophy for the Most Outstanding Hemi

1952 Cunningham C-3
Vail and Linda Frost
Alpharetta, GA

The Millard Newman Award for The Rolls Royce Best Representing The Spirit of Millard Newman

1909 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost #60970
DeNean Stafford
Tifton, GA

The Far Niente Award for the Best Car in which to Drive Through The Napa Valley

1942 Packard Darrin Convertible Victoria
Linda and Richard Kughn
Dearborn, MI

The Spirit of the Mille Miglia Trophy for the Car That Best Expresses The Spirit of the Mille Miglia

1933 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 GS Testa Fissa Brianza
Mark and Connie Gessler
Potomac, MD

The BASF Trophy for The Best Use of Color in Design

1959 Ferrari 250 GT "Tour de France"
The Patterson Collection
Louisville, KY

The Fashion Group International Award for the Best Presentation of Fashion and The Automobile

1919 Paige Daytona Speedster Prototype
Ed and Judy Schoenthaler
Oak Brook, IL

The Automobile Magazine Award, The "I Drove It Here Myself" Trophy

1938 Citroen Traction Avant
Lane Motor Museum
Nashville, TN

The Motor Trend Classic Award For The Editor's Choice

1964 Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster
Joe and Debbie Angeleri
Sarasota, FL

The Bentley Boys Award for The Most Sporting Bentley

1939 Bentley Mark V
John W. Rich, Sr.
Pottsville, PA

The Continental Historic Racing Association Trophy for the Most Outstanding Grand Touring Car

1956 Jaguar XKC 041
Bruce McCaw
Redmond, WA

The Wind In The Face Award for the Most Historically Significant Motorcycle

1934 Harley-Davidson VLD with side car
Steve Ciccalone
Fitzwilliam, NH

The Automobile Quarterly Trophy For The Most Elegant Formal Sedan or Town Car

1934 Rolls-Royce Sport Sedan
Ron and Carol Benach
Boca Raton, FL

The Jaguar Award For The Most Historically Significant Jaguar

1955 Jaguar D Type
The Collier Collection
Naples, FL

The PrivatAir Award For The Most Significant Alternate Fuel Vehicle

1930 Rauch & Lang Sedan
Albert Wiseman
Tarpon Springs, FL

The FIVA Trophy for the Most Historically Significant Unrestored Car

1957 Jaguar XK-SS
Gary W. Bartlett
Muncie, IN

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