Mainz, December 4, 2003

In order to celebrate the 25 year of excellence, Michalak Design are proud to present a two-seater on the Motorshow in Essen, which is stronger, faster and more beautiful than the original, where form and function have been thoroughly refined. This remarkable roadster called ‘Roadrunner’ will be produced in a limited series of 25. The price starts from: 25,000 Euro.

Highlights of the sporty two-seater are the new Bi-xenon-lamps, which make the Roadrunner distinctive at day but at night with its larger luminous efficiency clearly increase comfort and security.

In addition there are two large air intakes at the side of the Tridion cell. At the rear the new module lights and the two final pipe finishers of the sport exhaust underline the unique position of the Michalak Design Roadrunner.

The sportiest Smart roadster is powered by the well-known 0.7-Liter-Engine, which brings clear performance gains on the road with new electronics. The output rises from 60 kW/82 HP to 74 kW/100 HP, and the maximum torque is now 140 Nm/2800 u/min. Thus the Roadrunner sprints in 10.1 seconds on 100 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of 185 km/h. The Euro-4-Norm is fulfilled and the TÜV is given.

A front spoiler and the remarkable carbon wing in the rear make for sporty and a safe road holding. In addition the Roadrunner is 40 mm lower because of the Bilstein thread suspension. Perfect contact on the road is guaranteed by wider Hankook tires, 205/40 in front and 225/35 back on 8x17” and 9x17” rims.

The Michalak Design Roadrunner is not only good looking on the outside, the inside is clearly better than the standard model:
The perfect driving position is guaranteed by Recaro ‘Pole position’ seats and Schroth 4 point harness belts. A distinguished ambience is provided by leather and Alcantara in the interior. The original round instruments have been placed together into the driver’s direct field of vision. Instruments, switches, pedals and levers are enhanced with aluminium finishers to the lit gear knob.

With the technology and optics package the Michalak Design Roadrunner will be a rare pleasure as the production of open top two-seater is limited to 25 units.

However many components from the anniversary model will be available through the Parts4Smarts brand. On and numerous accessories can be found for the CityCoupé, the RoadsterCoupé and the Cabrio.

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