Jaguar SS1 sports saloon
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Retrovisor 2002 – Il Salon Atlantico Del Vehiculo De Epoca
Jaguar SS1 sports saloon

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Cotogrande, Vigo, Spain, 13 – 15 September 2002

Spain is not a country with a strong classic car culture, but it does have a core of enthusiasts who often have to travel abroad to appreciate their passion. In 2001 a group of enthusiasts in the north western town of Vigo decided to get their own classic car show off the ground. It proved popular and gave them the encouragement to repeat the effort in 2002. Thus Retrovisor 2002 came to be held over the weekend of 13 – 15 September in Cotogrande, Vigo adjacent to the local airport.

The exhibition covered a 20,000 square metre exhibition hall, and although not as salubrious as the more established shows in northern Europe, provided a wide range of models from different eras, together with a few modern classics to satisfy the classic enthusiast’s palate. For a foreign visitor it also gave the opportunity to see a few ”home grown” classics from the Fiat based Seat range rarely seen outside Spanish boundaries, together with a Spanish built Alpine Renault 1400.

The oldest car on display was a very original 1907 Gregoire Double Phaeton on the Magasin Motor magazine stand, whilst other early motoring gems included a 1922 Derby 2 seater sports model in blue with a polished aluminium bonnet, an imposing 1924 Packard Cabriolet and a stunning duo-tone yellow 1924 Hispano Suiza Torpedo Le Baron, powered by a 7 litre six cylinder engine. There was a strong Jaguar presence, as the town is home to a world renowned Jaguar restoration specialist company, and they had examples of a beautiful red and black SS1 sports saloon, XK 120 and XK 150 models, plus a number of ”E” Type variants on display.

The Italian car element was also healthy, with a Pair of racing Alfa Romeo Giulias, a Giulia SS, Lamborghini Urraco S, Maserati Merak SS, and a sweet 1938 Fiat Topolino amonst the exhibits. The modern classics were represented by Ferrari, with a Testarossa, # 76609, a 360 Modena F1, # 116722, and a 550 Maranello, # 112338, all finished in Rosso Corsa.

Although the country may not have a classic car culture, the show certainly attracted good size crowds, so perhaps one is developing and the show may go from strength to strength, to make it an attractive proposition for foreign exhibitors and visitors.

Keith Bluemel

1922 Derby 2 seater sports model
1924 Hispano Suiza Torpedo Le Baron, powered by a 7 litre six cylinder engine
1924 Packard Cabriolet
Jaguar SS1 sports saloon
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