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Agno, June 16, 2002

A very nice event was held on the weekend of June 14 to 16 near Lugano in Switzerland: The 7th “Ferrari Day”, organised by Loris Kessel Auto S.A., the authorised Ferrari agent for the cantons of Ticino and Grisons.

Event patron Loris Kessel is well known to motor sport enthusiasts through his engagements in saloon car races, Formula 3, Formula 2 and even in Formula 1. Loris Kessel has since been competing in various other racing series till nowadays. His business, a well-established car dealership and workshop, continued growing and in 1995, the Loris Kessel Auto S.A. was appointed the official Ferrari agent for Ticino and Grisons. Today, the company is one of the most important Ferrari sales- and service- facilities in Switzerland and is famous for the successful 360 Challenge team that Loris Kessel has created.

His strong links to motor sport are always reflected in the programme of his much liked annual ”Ferrari Day”: In 2002, Loris Kessel hosted an airfield slalom race at the local Lugano airport of Agno, held on Saturday. About 90 clients joined in their Ferrari, and some special guests and collectors drove their Ferrari race cars: Engelbert Stieger brought his spectacular 1970 Ferrari 512 M, and Fredy Lienhard sent his 333 SP to Agno. Former Formula One and sports car ace Clay Regazzoni showed up in his F40 featuring handicapped-steering. Loris Kessel himself piloted a new 360 Modena N-GT, while his Banca CIAL-sponsored 360 Challenge team was out in force as well. In the paddock, the spectators could admire an impressive display of classic and modern Ferrari race- and sports cars. The sessions lasted till late in the evening, followed by a wonderful dinner held at the nearby hotel ”La Perla”.

On Sunday, the Ferraristi did a road tour across the picturesque Malcantone area. The tour ended in Caslano on the shores of Lake Lugano, where the participants changed their Ferrari for the ”Italia”, a restaurant ship that took the Ferraristi on a tour around the lake.

Andreas Birner

Loris Kessel's 360 Challenge Team
109 Ferrari Parking at Agno Airport
Parking in Caslano
Roberto Zattini in F50 #106915 and Silvio Mazzola in F40
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Loris Kessel’s “Ferrari Day”

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