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Ferrari 166 Inter Vignale Coupe s/n 0065S

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Carmel, August 14, 1998

The youngest of the three events
172 Ferrari
One owner for the last 30 years
Recently reconstructed
A reborn car
Rare road cars
Best of Show
The class winners

The youngest of the three events
Every year in mid-August, the area of Monterey in California with its golf courses, palm trees and scarcely wooded hills turns into the Mecca for car- and oldtimer enthusiasts.

Each of the three events taking place in just one weekend are worth the trip. The longest tradition does have the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elégance that had been hosted for the first time back in 1950. The premier of the Monterey Historic Automobile Races took place in 1974 – then still on the racetrack of Pebble Beach. The youngest event of the three is the Concours Italiano. The gathering of Italian cars started its life in 1981 when the Maserati Club International (MCI) held their annual Concours d’Elégance at the site of the Quail Lodge Resort golf course in Carmel Valley (where Clint Eastwood used to be the mayor). The followers of the "other marque from Modena" were so impressed by the picturesque piece of land they did host their annual event there ever since. In 1987, the Lamborghini and Bizzarini clubs joined the MCI, and since 1991, members of the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) take part in the Concours Italiano as well. Since then the organizers of the show usually promote the Concours as "A celebration of Italian style".

172 Ferrari
Year by year, the Concours Italiano has a particular theme. In 1998, Alfa Romeo was the featured marque, but this did not mean that the other makes were forced into the background. The turnout of Ferrari was tremendous and included almost every common model from the 212 Export to the F50 and from the 550 Maranello to the 355 F1. The official list of participants included 172 Ferrari entrants – many of them had been invited by the regional area groups "Pacific" and "Southwest" of the FCA.

However, this number did not include the cars brought to Quail Lodge by commercial exhibitors. To name just one among many, the Symbolic Motor Car Co. From La Jolla, California turned up with some very rare pieces from their stock, including the oldest Ferrari present at Carmel, the 166 MM Berlinetta Touring s/n 0060M.

One owner for the last 30 years
One of the highlights was definitely the Dino 206 SP s/n 018 – its participation in the event was for sure a surprise even to many experts.

The Drogo-bodied spyder had been owned since 1967 by the wealthy Italian privateer racer Leandro Terra from the Pescara area. Terra did enter the Dino in countless races in the late 1960’s prior to hiding it away in his garage for years. For this reason, s/n 018 is preserved in completely original condition; even the stickers from the scrutinizing sessions of the 1971 and 1973 editions of the Targa Florio are still on the car! This sensational car had been acquired by Symbolic some weeks prior to the Concours Italiano.

Another open sports car that had come out of Symbolic’s showroom was the 333 SP s/n 019. This car took Giampiero Moretti and his team to 1st in the 1998 24 Hours of Daytona and in the 12 Hours of Sebring. After his participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Moretti sold the car to Symbolic.

Recently reconstructed
Another undoubted highlight of the event was the 330 P3 s/n 0844, that might be designated as well as a 412 P. The mid-engined prototype looks back on an eventful career: s/n 0844’s life started in 1966 as a works car of the Scuderia Ferrari. Afterwards, Ferrari sold the car to Luigi Chinetti’s N.A.R.T.; at that time, the works cars differed in several aspects from the almost identical cars built for customers.

For this reason, the designation was changed from 330 P3 to 412 P after the sale. The N.A.R.T. entered the car in numerous races, and in 1967 s/m 0844 was part of the legendary "photo finish" of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Late in the summer of the same year, the roof of the car was chopped off during a substantial conversion for racing in the CanAm Series. The rare car kept the outfit of a so-called "CanAm Spider" for three decades. In spring of 1998, one decided to convert s/n 0844 back to its original looks. At the Concours Italiano, the freshly reconstructed Berlinetta was shown to the public for the first time.
A reborn car

Mike Sheehan and Luigi Chinetti, Jr. Showed up with another interesting car: 250 LM s/n 5149. Except the history, there is not too much left on the car that could be described as original. S/n 5149 is the first of the 32 produced 250 LM, was shown at the 1963 Paris Motor Show and was used for the homologation of the type in motor racing.

In the hands of various owners, the car had a quite "exhausting" racing career that did end with the almost total destruction of the car. In the late 1980’s, the car was rebuilt in Italy to the specifications of the 1963 Paris Motor Show.
Rare road cars

An interesting Ferrari road car present at Quail Lodge was the 400 Superamerica Coupé Aerodynamico of James Truitt. The car, which was formerly owned by Enzo Ferrari himself, has two serial numbers, 3097SA and 4031SA. The car had been renumbered by the Factory, probably due to exportation purposes.

Another rare Ferrari at the Concours Italiano: 250 GT Cabriolet Series I s/n 0811GT, one of just two right hand-driven examples built.
Best of Show

Many other 250 GTs, 275s, 330s, 365s, Dino and Daytona were present as well – in short, almost every single production model since the 1960’s could be seen.

Several owners did show up with their automotive sweethearts on the podium to present it to the jury. The majority of the Ferrari were entered in the "1998 Vintage Ferrari Concours"; only one of them was eventually awarded with the Luigi Chinetti Memorial Trophy – the lucky winner was Arthur Zafiropoulo with his 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider s/n 17069.

Among the other prizes of note were the Stan Nowak Memorial Award for the most outstanding GT Ferrari (275 GTB s/n 08225 of Ron Busuttil) and the Phil Hill Award for the Ferrari of exceptional historical merit (250 GT Coupé Ellena s/n 0807GT of Cy Yedor). Of course there was also a trophy for the oldest Ferrari which was awarded to Garry Roberts for his 212 Export Berlinetta Tuboscocca s/n 0141T.

Another important part of the Concours Italiano is a large swap-meet where huge numbers of spare parts, literature and memorabilia are on offer. Definitely a place to spend many Dollars, especially if one’s funds are not sufficient to buy one of the historic race cars at Symbolic’s display or a new Ferrari at the display of Ferrari of San Francisco. Talking about money: The entry fee for the Concours Italiano per spectator is 35,-$. The price includes a color program that helps to keep up the appetite for next year’s Concours Italiano during cold winter evenings.

Text Gregor Schulz
Translation Andreas Birner

The class winners

Class 1 - 250 GT and EARLIER

Platinum 1957

250 GT Ellena Coupe s/n 0807 Cy Yedor, Beverly Hills, CA

Platinum 1961

250 GT PF Cabriolet s/n 2145 Jeffrey Fisher, Palm Beach, FL

Platinum 1963

250 GT Berlinetta Lusso s/n 4459 Roger Groves, Monarch Beach, CA

Class 2 - 275

Platinum 1965

275 GTB s/n 07887 Neil Afromsky, Los Alamitos, CA

Platinum 1966

275 GTB s/n 08225 Ron Busuttil, Los Angeles, CA

Gold 1967

275 GTB/4 s/n 10303 Tino Mingori, Los Angeles, CA

Silver 1967

275 GTB/4 s/n 11063 Jeff Elghanayan, Laguna Beach, CA

Class 3 - 330/365

Platinum 1967

330 GTS s/n N 9781 Glenn Burkett, Alamo, CA

Gold 1967

330 GTC s/n 10575 Tim Pearson, Alamo, CA

Silver 1967

330 GTC s/n 10313 James Ferris, Crystal Bay, CA

Class 4 - 365 GTB/4

Platinum 1971

365 GTB/4 s/n 14303 Larry Carter, Los Gatos, CA

Platinum 1971

365 GTB/4 s/n 14453 Steve Mattes, Oceanside, CA

Platinum 1973

365 GTB/4 Spyder s/n 16903 Thierry De Mascureau, West Hollywood, CA

Platinum 1973

365 GTB/4 s/n 17005 Robert N. Blair, San Jose, CA

Platinum 1973

365 GTB/4 Spyder s/n 17069 Art Zafiropoulo, Atherton, CA

Gold 1970

365 GTB/4 s/n 13231 Garry Roberts, Costa Mesa, CA

Class 5 - 365 GTC/4

Platinum 1972

365 GTC/4 s/n 15645 Michael Yedor, Beverly Hills, CA

Gold 1972

365 GTC/4 s/n 15891 Peter Llama Walnut Creek, CA

Class 6 - 246

Platinum 1972

246 GT s/n 03670 Dick Nolind, Sylmar, CA

Platinum 1974

246 GTS s/n 08326 Robert Schenk, Los Angeles, CA

Silver 1972

246 GT s/n 03716 Arthur Miller, Santa Barbara, CA

Class 7 - SUPERAMERICA and 2+2

Platinum 1965

330 GT 2+2 s/n 7761 E. Jeffrey Barney, Los Angeles, CA

Silver 1961

400 Superamerica s/n 3097SA Jim Truitt, Carmel, CA

Class 8 - 308

Platinum 1984

308 GTS QV s/n 51119 Brian Cott, Danville, CA

Platinum 1984

308 GTS QV s/n 51383 Sandra Cairncross, Escondido, CA

Gold 1980

308 GTSi s/n 31385 Carlos Amato, Los Angeles, CA

Silver 1979

308 GT4 s/n 15126 Vinnie Mandzak, Redondo Beach, CA

Class 9 - Mondial

Platinum 1987

3.2 Mondial Cabriolet s/n 70943 Jeff Benzing, Saratoga, CA

Gold 1982

Mondial 8 s/n 39271 Douglas Agnew, Los Gatos, CA

Silver 1987

3.2 Mondial Cabriolet s/n 71505 Joe DiNucci, Saratoga, CA

Class 10 - 328

Platinum 1986

328 GTS s/n 61967 Richard Lynch, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Platinum 1988

328 GTB s/n 75593 Jack Guenza, San Rafael, CA

Platinum 1988

328 GTS s/n 79231 Lillian Kellogg, Los Altos, CA

Gold 1988

328 GTS s/n 75371 Peter Noce, Encino, CA

Silver 1986

328 GTB s/n 65045 Luis Ashelford, Lawndale, CA

Class 11 - 512 and Testarossa

Gold 1986

Testarossa s/n 65499 Tolman Geffs, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Silver 1988

Testarossa s/n 77835 Mitch House Walnut Creek, CA
Ferrari 166 Inter Vignale Coupe s/n 0065S
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