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Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 3605GT

5/12/2024, 2:34:56 AM cet

Coys International Historic Festival

Silverstone, 21-23 July 2000.

After a day of brilliant sunshine for the Friday practise sessions, the weather changed overnight, to greet participants and spectators with a grey skies and a substantial drop in temperature, that set the scene for the remainder of the weekend. One of the main news items of the event was that Coys were terminating their title sponsorship arrangement, and that the auction would be taken up by Brooks starting from the 2001 event which would move to a new date at the end of August. Hopefully the later date might give the British summer time to improve!

50 Years of Formula 1
The main focus of the event was 50 Years of Formula 1, with the great British hero of the eighties, Nigel Mansell, in attendance driving a JPS Lotus 79 in demonstration runs on both days. He was accompanied on the runs by John Watson in a Marlboro McLaren, Jackie Stewart in a Tyrrell, Sir Stirling Moss in a Maserati 250F, and Tony Brooks in a Ferrari 625, deputizing for Froilan Gonzalez who was taken ill the previous week, and was not well enough to make the journey from Argentina.

Ferraris from 166 MM/53 to ex-Pilot racing F40 LM
The main Ferrari presence was around the Ferrari Owners Club marquee, where more than a hundred cars gathered each day, including  a reasonable number of older examples led by a Bernard Worth's 166 MM/53, and a quartet of 250 GT SWB berlinettas. The modern end of the spectrum was led by the ex-Pilot racing F40 LM, plus a number of roadgoing examples together with an F50. In the race grids the Ferrari presence was on the thin side, and the only victory for the "Cavallino Rampante" over the weekend came in the Maserati U.K. sponsored Pre-1961 Grand Prix Car Race. Here Nigel Corner took victory in the V12 engined Dino Tasman from Don Orosco in a Scarab, with Willie Green bringing Robin Lodge's 246 Dino home in third place.

Maseratis from 1935 4CS to 3200 GT
Maserati U.K. sponsored three races, and the Maserati Owners Club had a marquee close to their Ferrari family counterparts, with a wide range of early models including 3500 GT in coupe and spider configurations, Khamsin, Merak and Bora, plus more modern examples with numerous Biturbo variants up to the current 3200 GT. Pride of place in their display went to a pair of pre-war cars, a 1935 4CS supercharged 2 seater model, of which only eleven were built and of these there are only six known survivors. Alongside this was another supercharged model, in the form of a 1937 single seater 6CM. On the track the Maserati highlight was Alan Minshaw's victory in the second part of the stopped second race for the Duncan Hamilton Trophy in his red Tipo 61 "Birdcage".

Ferraris Of Note In Attendance

Racing - Paddock - F1 Display

Model                                  Colour                                         Chassis #

625 F1

Red 0540

246 Dino F1

Red 0006/R2

246 Dino V12 F1/Tasman

Red 0788

312 F1

Red 0003

246 Dino Tasman

Red 010

312 T4

Red-White 040

500 TRC

Yellow-Black Stripe 0682MDTR

246S Dino

Red 0784

250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Red 3401GT

250 GT SWB California Spider

Silver 3077GT

250 GT Lusso

Red 5031GT

330 LM Berlinetta

Red 4381SA

Ferrari Owners Club

166 MM/53 Vignale Spider

Red 0308M

250 Europa GT

Red 0375GT

250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Red 1995GT

250 GT SWB Berlinetta

White w. Green Stripes 2209GT

250 GT 2+2 GT

Dark Blue Met' 2285GT

250 GT PF Cabriolet S2

Dark Blue 2683GT

250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Dark Blue w. White Band 2735GT

250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Pale Blue Met' 3605GT

250 GT Lusso

Silver 5463GT

250 GT Lusso

Dark Blue Met' 5675GT

250 GT Lusso

Green 5685GT

330 GT Nembo Spider

Blue Met' 5805GT

275 GTB

Red 06677

275 GTS

Red 08007

275 GTB

Pale Blue Met' 08047

330 GTS

Black 09699

330 GT 2+2

Dark Blue Met' 09915

330 GTC

Pale Blue Met' 11333

365 GT 2+2

Red 12085

365 GTB/4

Dark Blue 13595

365 GTB/4 Spider Conv'

Red 14269

365 GTB/4

Silver 14793

365 GTC/4

Blue Met' 16089

365 GTB/4

Red 16601

F40 LM

Blue-White "Pilot" 74045


Red 83089


Red 85867


Red 86001


Red 87325


Red 89047


Red 106995

246 GT

Dark Blue Met' 00448

246 GT

Red 03774

246 GTS

Red 05942

246 GTS

Red 06326

246 GT

Silver 06328

246 GTS

Grey Met' 06716

246 GTS

Pale Blue Met' 06984

246 GT

Pale Green Met' 07036

246 GT

Red 07296

Coys Auction

250 GT PF Coupe

Silver 1221GT

250 GT Speciale Drogo

Red 1717GT

275 GTB/4

Silver 09463

365 GTB/4

Red 15977

246 GT

Red 02940

246 GT

Yellow 05400



Red 84434


250 GT Boano Coupe

Yellow 0541GT

275 GTS

Red 07203

365 GTC

Blue Met' 12449

246 GT

Red 07330

Keith Bluemel

Ferrari owners kept to busy
Not the greatest Ferrari gathering of the year, and not the most welcoming weather, but at least it stayed dry, and the crowds had fine displays of a wide variety of vehicles, good racing, and popular display runs, to keep their minds off the chill north east wind that blew across the circuit for most of the weekend. Many were hardy enough to endure the long queues for the F1 exhibition marquee, and the autograph sessions at the "Scarf & Goggles", let's hope that their enthusiasm will be rewarded by better weather in 2001.

Virtually no Ferraris for sale
As with the racing card, the Coys auction tent was similarly bereft of earlier examples of the Ferrari marque, with a 250 GT PF coupe and a Drogo bodied 250 GT "Speciale" being the most interesting of a mainly modern selection on offer. The only other place with early cars on display was the Talacrest sales area close to the FOC marquee, where they had a yellow 250 GT Boano coupe, and a metallic blue 365 GTC as part of the itinerary.

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