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1st – Theys/Lienhard/Papis/Baldi - Dallara-Judd LMP

12/30/2015, 1:45:46 PM cet

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Daytona, 3 February 2002

40th Anniversary
The fortieth running of the famous 24 Hour Race attracted a healthy entry in all categories, and the closeness of the practise times of a number of cars in the different classes bode well for an entertaining race. Spectators were not disappointed, as the lead swung like a pendulum between the leading contenders as they each suffered various problems, right up to the final hours when a clear leader emerged. However, a race is not won until the chequered flag drops, so there was a lot of nail biting going on until the flag fell.

From Pole To Podium
The Dallara-Judd LMP of Doran Racing driven by Didier Theys set the benchmark time during qualifying with a lap of 1min 42.058secs, a tenth of a second ahead of the similarly powered Ascari of Lupberger/TJ Bell/Toivenen. The only Ferrari sports prototype entry was the Risi Team 333 SP that qualified sixth quickest, a fraction over a second off the pole time. The Doran entered Dallara-Judd then went on to take overall victory in the hands of Theys/Lienhard/Papis/Baldi. Team owner Fredy Lienhard who was part of the winning driver partnership, was particularly pleased as he became the first Swiss driver in the race’s history to be in the winning car. After two years when victory had gone to a car from the GTS category, a Dodge Viper in 2000, and a Chevrolet Corvette in 2001, the sports prototype reliability returned in 2002 to establish the categories supremacy.

Overall Results

1st – Theys/Lienhard/Papis/Baldi

Dallara-Judd LMP

2nd – Mathews/Smith/Sharp/Gordon

R&S-Ford Mk IIIC

3rd – Rand/LazzaroBorcheller/Kelleners

Lola-Nissan B2K/40

And Ferrari?
The Risi Competizione 333 SP was close to the pace in qualifying, and was running strongly in the early part of the race, leading on several occasions until it had gearbox problems which dropped it down the order. Once this was resolved it was again fighting hard until eliminated in an accident just before the 16 hour mark with David Brabham at the wheel.

The Mastercar SRL Team from Italy entered two cars, a 360 Modena and an F355 prepared by Erich Prinoth. The F355 had a team of Russian drivers, but was never really on the pace despite looking and sounding fast. The 360 Modena was nearer the mark, but suuffered mechanical problems during the race. It sat in the pits for a long time and then came out to try and complete the last lap to qualify as a finisher, but expired in a cloud of smoke in the infield section.

The Ferrari of Washington 360 N-GT was substantially quicker than the other 360 entry and the team was hopeful of a good result. However a tyre failure in the infield section, just over half an hour into the race, lost it 28 laps before it could be brought back to the pits. It was then a case of playing catch up, and retrieved four laps on the leader during the next twelve hours, being amongst the fastest GT category cars during the night. Further trouble occurred when the gearbox failed just before dawn, losing two hours while it was changed and effectively ending any hopes of a good result. But the team didn’t give up, although the replacement box had shorter ratios causing the engine to redline on the banking, and it was consistently the fastest car in its class for the final four hours of the race.

The result was not what they hoped for, but they were encouraged, as the car used the same engine for testing, qualifying and the race, and apart from the problems encountered ran faultlessly, needing only fuel, tyres and one brake pad change during the whole race.

Historic Prelude
On the Friday morning a one hour HSR (Historic Sports racing) Race was held. This attracted a wide and varied entry from a Lola T70 to Porsche 962s. It also provided good close racing through the field, and the opportunity to see some rarely seen models including various Nissan prototypes and a Rondeau, unusual to see even in its native France. Victory went to the 1992 Spice-Chevrolet GTP driven by Duncan Dayton and car owner Jim Mullen, ahead of the Akin/Bean 1988 Nissan GTP and the 1990 Nissan GTP of Brian DeVries.

Ferrari Entries


Result Driver Race # Colour Chassis #

333 SP

Retired, accident Eric Van de Poele/ 13 Red 040

David Brabham/

Stefan Johansson/

Ralf Kelleners

360 Modena N-GT

25th overall, Cort Wagner/ 33 Red 119356 (N-GT 006*)

14th in class Constantino Bertuzzi/

Bill Auberlen/

Derrike Cope

F355 Comp’ Conv’

Did not start Rusinov/ 93 Red 101594



Van de Vyvir

360 Modena N-GT

Retired, engine Montermini/ 96 Red/Grey 115462**




*  Michelotto Chassis #
** Prepared by Erich Prinoth

n.b. There was also 333 SP chassis # 006 on display in HSR paddock area.

#40 qualified 6th driven by van de Poele/Brabham/Johansson/Kelleners Ferrari 333SP SRP 1m43.159s

Keith Bluemel

Ferrari 333 SP s/n 040
1st – Theys/Lienhard/Papis/Baldi - Dallara-Judd LMP
Ferrari 333 SP s/n 040
HSR Variety - Rondeau, Nissan & Porsche
Mosler MT90CR
Porsche GT3 & Corvette
Porsche GT3R
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