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Goodwood Revivial - Glory Days

Goodwood, 15-17 September, 2000

The Event
The inaugural Goodwood Revival Meeting was held in September 1998, under superb clear blue skies, and left visitors in awe over the attention to detail that gave the impression of being in a fifties time warp. This meticulous preparation immediately placed the event at the top of every Classic enthusiast’s list of ”must visit” meetings. In 1999 rain affected the event but didn’t detract from the ambience, and even added its own special ingredient on the track, as spectators were treated to some enthralling exhibitions of car control, in conditions sometimes more suitable for power boats. The third running of the meeting was a mix of weather fortunes, with the Friday untimed practise sessions eventually being abandoned because of torrential rain. After early low cloud on Saturday, the skies brightened and it remained fine and warm for the remainder of the meeting. Another factor in this year’s equation was a petrol shortage in Great Britain due to industrial action, that threatened the ability of spectators to get to the circuit. However, the true enthusiast wasn’t going to be denied, and there were healthy crowds thronging the perimeter fences and full grandstands throughout the weekend. During the lunch periods they were treated to spectacular aerobatics displays from Spitfires, a Hurricane and a pair of Mustangs, in keeping with the period image.

The Personalities
Any Goodwood meeting whether it be The Festival of Speed or The Revival Meeting attracts a veritable Who’s Who of personalities from the motor racing world on both two and four wheels. The 2000 edition was no exception, with numerous well known names in unfamiliar cars in a number of the race grids. Even those not racing swelled the list, like Sir Jack Brabham, Carroll Shelby, Luigi Chinetti Jnr and John Coombs, to name but a few. The 1980 World Champion, Alan Jones, had attended the Festival of Speed in June and enjoyed it so much that he returned to race an Aston Martin DB4 GT and Lord March’s Ford Galaxie at the circuit meeting. The evergreen Sir Stirling Moss had a hectic weekend, whilst John Surtees was also kept busy, joined by an international cast including Derek Hill standing in for his father Phil (a Goodwood regular), Danny Sullivan, Brian Redman, Jochen Mass, Patrick Tambay, Derek Bell, David Piper, Richard Attwood, Jackie Oliver, the list goes on !

The Racing
After the weather vagaries of Friday, when the Tourist Trophy official practise (for driver #1) had to be cancelled, the timed practise sessions on Saturday morning were held under uniform weather conditions for all groups of competitors, with the TT session being extended to accommodate both drivers. In fact this turned out to be the most thrilling session, as for most of the time it was the Shelby American Cobra Daytona Coupe of Danny Sullivan and Steve Hitchins that headed the field. Then John Surtees had his turn in David Piper’s 250 LM, and progressively inched closer to the lead time, eclipsing it in the dying minutes of the session by a fraction over 3/10ths of a second, to take pole position in his first drive of the car – old skills never die !

This was the race with the strongest Ferrari presence, and it was Surtees who stormed into the lead from the flag, pulling inexorably away from the pursuing pack headed by the bellowing Daytona Cobra Coupe. As it turned out his valiant efforts were thwarted by a slow pit stop for the driver change, whilst David Piper was unable to match the pace of his co-driver, allowing the Sullivan/Hitchins Cobra to take the win. Both the 330 LM berlinettas were spectacular, if a little smoky to watch, although only the Tambay/Green example lasted the distance to finish 8th, the Bell/Hardman car expiring after 11 laps.

In the Goodwood Trophy race for single seaters built between 1948 and 1955, spectators had the opportunity to enjoy the shrill shriek of the V16 BRM from the Donington Collection.. The ”Thin Wall Special” from the same stable made great Ferrari V12 music from its stub exhausts, to take third overall in the hands of Rob Hall, headed by Roddy Macpherson in a Cooper Bristol and the winner Ludovic Lindsay in the ERA B-Type R5B ”Remus”. The race also featured a nice selection of early Maserati single seaters that included an 8 CTF, 4 CM, A6 GCM  and  6 CM.

In the Lavant Cup race for World championship Sports Cars 1957-1960, there was both a healthy Ferrari and Maserati presence, with Tony Dron qualifying 2nd in a Dino 246 S, and Martin Stretton qualifying 3rd in a Maserati 300S. Unfortunately the Dron challenge disappeared after two laps when he retired, but another  Dino came into play, that being the 196 S example driven very quickly and smoothly by Jochen Mass to take 3rd overall ahead of the Maserati of Martin Stretton. However, the only one that could live with the winner, Peter Hardman in the Aston Martin DBR1, was the 2nd place Jaguar D-Type of Ian Donaldson. Further down the field Carlos Monteverde in his 250 Testa Rossa was closing on the similar car of gary Pearson, before a lurid spin out of the chicane on the penultimate lap saw him collect some geraniums on one side of the track, before spinning back across the circuit to come to rest in the pit lane entrance.

The Accident
The one thing on everybody’s lips after the meeting was the horrendous accident that befell Nigel Corner in the Dino 246 V12 Tasman just after the start of the Richmond & Gordon Trophies Race. As the grid accelerated away, it seemed that wheels became interlocked and the next thing anybody knew the Dino was cartwheeling through the air with Nigel Corner being ejected from his seat and tossed high in the air like a rag doll, before landing alongside the stricken car, which fortunately didn’t make contact with him. The race was stopped immediately, with several other cars becoming embroiled. Considering the severity of the accident, it was a relief to hear later that his injuries were ”only” three broken ribs, a punctured lung and broken collar bone. The restarted race was held under somewhat of a cloud, as the extent of the injuries was unknown at the time, and was won by John Harper in a Cooper-Climax T51.

Glory Days
Despite the inclement Friday weather, and the frightening accident on Sunday, the 3rd Goodwood Revival Meeting can only be judged as an outstanding success, superbly organised by Lord March and his dedicated team whose feel for the period that it recreates is sublime, long live Glorious Goodwood !

40 Years of John Surtees in Racing Cars Parade

Parade Pace car –

365 P 3 Posti 8971

250 GTO 3757GT

250 LM 5149

365 P 0824

330 P2/3 0836

330 P4 (Re)creation 0900

Freddie March Memorial Trophy – 12 Laps

Race #

Driver Model Chassis # Position


Sally Mason-Styrron 166 MM Barchetta 0040M 24th

Goodwood Trophy Race – 12 Laps


Rob Hall Thinwall Special 10 3rd

Lavant Cup Race – 18 Laps


Tony Dron Dino 246S 0784 Ret’


David Cottingham 500 TRC 0682MDTR 13th


David Clark 857S 0578 DNS


Carlos Monteverde 250 Testa Rossa 0738TR Ret’


Gary Pearson 250 Testa Rossa 0718TR 10th


Jochen Mass Dino 196S 0776 3rd

The Richmond & Gordon Trophies Race – 15 Laps


Nigel Corner Dino 246 V12 Tasman 0007/0788 Acc’


Robin Lodge Dino 246 F1 0006/R2 Acc’

The RAC TT Celebration Race – 1 Hour


de Cadenet/O’Rourke 250 GT SWB Berl’ 2845GT 20th


Desire Wilson/ Pearson 250 GTO 3451GT 12th


Mason/Hales 250 GTO 3757GT 11th


Attwood/Oliver 250 LM 5149 10th


Surtees/Piper 250 LM 8165 2nd


Tambay/Green 330 LM Berl’ 4725SA 8th


Bell/Hardman 330 LM Berl’ 4381SA Ret’


Lodge/Brooks 250 GT SWB Berl’ Rep’ 3539GT 18th

Paddock & Competitor Parking Areas

250 GT LWB California Spider


250 GT SWB Berl’


250 GT SWB Berl’


250 GT 2+2 Coupe


330 GTO


Keith Bluemel

330 LMB s/n 4725SA & 250 LM s/n 5149
330 LMB s/n 4381SA 1st lap TT
Dino 246 Sport Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 0784
250 GTO s/n 3451GT
Start TT
Maserati 350 GTZ
857S s/n 0578M
250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2845GT
330 LMB s/n 4381SA
250 GTO s/n 3757GT
365 P 3-posti s/n 8971
196 S Dino s/n 0776S driven by Jochen Mass
250 TR s/n 0718TR & 250 TR s/n 0738TR
250 GTO s/n 3451GT
500 TRC s/n 0682MDTR & Maserati 300 S
250 LM s/n 5149 & 250 LM s/n 8165
250 TR s/n 0718TR & 250 TR s/n 0738TR
250 LM s/n 8165
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