Ferrari 250 GTO

3527GT 62/sep/10 (3809GT during production)
Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD
Rosso Cina
Wider ovoid radiator opening with aluminium trim surround, circular brake cooling ducts, sidelights recessed in the front wing sides, integral rear spoiler
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
for the early-model GTO, temporarily also numbered 3527GT, which had been raced by Gotfrid Koechert at the 1000 km Nürburgring in May 1962, see the car that the factory subsequently renumbered to s/n 3809GT.
1962/may/28 - Rolling chassis, shipped to Scaglietti, numbered 3809GT as allotted for von Czasy's order.  
1962/july/30 - Body completed at Scaglietti  
1962/aug/23 - completed at Ferrari, renumbered to 3527GT. (Ferrari had already used the number 3809GT in July for a previously-built car that had been delivered to von Czasy instead.)  
1962/sep/10 - Lucien Bianchi, B via Ecurie Francorchamps  
1962/aug/09 dns Albi Lucien Bianchi
1962/sep/15-23 7th OA
though collision with a milk lorry
Tour de France Lucien Bianchi /
Claude Dubois
#151 "16333 L4" (IT)
EF p154    TdF p169, 170, 178 Pourret p274, 277
C172 p54
1962/sep - front bodywork replaced C195 p15, 16
1962/oct/21 5th OA
5th IC
1000km Paris, Montlhery Willy Mairesse /
Lucien Bianchi
#2 1000km Paris p22, 23 Pourret p326
1962/dec/02 1st OA GP Angola, Luanda Lucien Bianchi #3  
1963 - Scuderia Filipinetti, Geneva, CH S. Filipinetti p98
1963/mar/26-27 Scuderia Filipinetti Monza tests S. Filipinetti p51
1963 - Armand Boller, Geneva, CH (bankier)  
1963/mar/30 1st IC Journée Eaux Mortes Armand  Boller    
1963/jun/09 1st IC 1000m Ursins Armand Boller    
1963/aug/25 39th OA
5th IC
Ollon-Villars Hillclimb Armand Boller    
1964/mar/05 1st GT Journée Eaux Mortes Armand Boller    
1964/apr/04 1st GT Verbois hillclimb Armand Boller    
1964/apr/26 1st GT (3'25"0) Slalom Payerne Armand Boller    
1964/may/24 1st GT (3'32"1) Mitholz-Kandersteg hillclimb Armand Boller    
1964/dec - offered by Armand Boller in Powerslide 12/64 p35:

"Ferrari GTO, Mod. 1962                                                                           Der Wagen ist in einwandfreiem Zustand. Armand Boller.                          Tel.: 022/322800 (Bürozeit)"

1965/apr/25 wdn
after Spychiger fatal acc. in 0824
1000km Monza Armand Boller /
Dieter Spoerry
#41 S. Filipinetti p104
1965 - modified for street use by Graber, CH; driving lights replaced, VW rear lights, winding glas, leather upholstery  
1966 - Anthony Bamford, Oakamoor, GB  
1972/jul/02   FOC Prescott hillclimb Anthony Bamford #144 PH35 p26, 29  Pritchard p244
"ARF 474J"
1973 - Donald K. Nelson, Leicester, GB
1982/aug/31 20th anniversary GTO Tour Don Nelson I love GTO    "6 GTO"
1984 - Stephen Pilkington, Ormskirk, GB
1987/jun/07 25th anniversary GTO tour Steve Pilkington
1987/jul 25th anniversary FOC meeting, Oulton Park Steve Pilkington
198. - Graber exterior modifications removed  
1989/sep/09 7th Annual International Ferrari Meeting, Zandvoort Steve Pilkington
1992/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Steve Pilkington
1992/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Steve Pilkington
1995/jul/09 FOC Concours, Castle Ashby Stephen Pilkington
1995/jul/29-30 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Stephen Pilkington
1997/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Stephen Pilkington
1997/sep/15-19 35th anniversary GTO tour Stephen Pilkington
1998/jul/23 Brandon Wang's GTO Garden party Stephen Pilkington
2000/aug   FOC UK Concours 2000 at Castle Ashby Stephen Pilkington    
2002/sep/09-13 40th anniversary GTO tour Stephen Pilkington
2005/jan - Irvine Laidlaw, MC (UK) "6 GTO"
2007/apr/23-28 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw / Marshall Bailey #30
2007/aug/31-sep/02 Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration Irvine Laidlaw / Stirling Moss #16
2007/oct/21-25 45th anniversary GTO tour Irvine Laidlaw
2008/apr/14-19 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw / Marshall Bailey #36
2008/jul/02   Salon Privé, The Hurlingham Club Irvine Laidlaw    
2008/sep/19-21 - displayed at Goodwood Revival Meeting
2010/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw / 
Robert Ellis
2012/sep/15   Goodwood Revival Meeting      
2014/jul/09   Ennstal-Classic Irvine Laidlaw / 
Robert Ellis
2015/apr/19   Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw / 
Peter Scott
2017/jun/10   Modena Cento Ore Irvine Laidlaw #103  
2018/dec/02   Ferrari Exhibition Monaco 2018      
2019/... - Dr. Richard E. Workman, Windermere, FL, USA  
2020/mar/08   Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Dr. Richard E. Workman    
2022/jan/22   Cavallino Classic Dr. Richard E. Workman    
2022/mar/05   The Amelia Dr. Richard E. Workman    



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