3451GT 62/apr/20
Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD
Maroon/white roof
oval cooloing brake holes
blinkers below headlights
two fender vents
riveted spoiler
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62/apr - C. San Giusto - Pietro Ferraro - alias "Montin", I "TS 50656"
62/may/06 4th OA
1st GT
Targa Florio Pietro Ferraro /
Giorgio Scarlatti
#86 250 GTO p55 Pourret p311 AMS 11/62 p40
62/may/27 acc. 1000km Nuerburgring Pietro Ferraro /
Giorgio Scarlatti
62/jul/22 5th OA 4th IC Trieste-Opicina Hillclimb Pietro Ferraro #360 T-O p324, 329
62/sep - SEFAC (broker)  
62/sep - Mario Camellini, Modena, I (broker)  
63/may - Vincenzo Zanini, I "CO 119718"
63/jul/21 Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Pietro Ferraro #326
63/sep/08 acc. landed on roof Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Vincenzo Zanini #50  
6. - Gastone Crepaldi, Milano, I (broker)  
65 - Guy Rivillon, Paris, F "38 RZ 75" 
65/oct/03   Coupes du Salon, Monthléry Guy Rivillon #3  
65/oct/10 1st IC Rallye des 6h St. Cloud Guy Rivillon    
65/oct/23-24 dnf Rallye de l'AGACI, Reims Guy Rivillon #3 Pourret p177
65/nov/28 2nd IC Criterium Cevennes Guy Rivillon    
66 dnf Rallye La Rochelle Guy Rivillon    
66/mar/19 2nd OA Rallye Nationale Ouest Guy Rivillon    
66/apr/02 1st OA Rallye Rouen Guy Rivillon    
66/may/01 2nd OA
1st IC
Rallye Picardie Guy Rivillon /
66/may/15 acc. Coupes USA, Montlhery  Guy Rivillon    
66/may/22 dnf Rallye La Baule Guy Rivillon    
66/jun/12 1st IC Rallye Le Touquet Guy Rivillon    
66/jul/09 7th OA Mont Blanc Rallye Guy Rivillon /
#1 Pourret p175
66/aug/14 16th OA
7th IC
Mont-Dore Hillclimb Guy Rivillon    
66/sep/01 1st IC GP Paris, Montlhery  Guy Rivillon    
66/sep/04 2nd IC Belbeuf Hillclimb Guy Rivillon    
66/sep/11 1st IC Urcy Hillclimb, Dijon Guy Rivillon    
66/oct/16 17th OA
5th IC
1000km Montlhery Sylvain Garant /
F. Ruata
#24 Sylvain Garant, F, pranged s/n 3769GT in testing. Dented the roof, broke the windshield and driverside window. Minor accident!
66/oct/24 6th OA
1st IC
AGACI Rally Guy Rivillon /
66/nov/26 2nd IC Criterium Cevennes, Montpellier Guy Rivillon    
66 2nd OA
1st IC
Rally ACO Guy Rivillon    
67/feb/27 3rd OA
1st Sport
Rallye Maine Guy Rivillon /
67/may/01 5th OA Rallye Picardie Guy Rivillon /
67/may/01 1st GT Rallye Rouen Guy Rivillon    
67/may/28 6th OA
1st IC
GP Paris, Montlhery  Guy Rivillon    
67/jun/04 15th OA
1st Sport
Rallye Le Touquet Guy Rivillon /
67/jun/18 5th OA Coupe Ile de France, Monthlery Guy Rivillon    
67 2nd OA Rallye Quest Guy Rivillon    
67 1st GT Rallye ACO Guy Rivillon    
67 - fitted with 250 GTO engine 3769GT until 96/dec  
.. - engine installed in 3769GT  
67 - ..........., Reims, F  
69 - Mulard, F tidied it up and drove it a bit "6321 EH 59"
69 - Jean-Claude Bajol, Toulouse, F FF1 p19
"I RB 31"
82/aug/31 20th anniversary GTO tour Jean-Claude Bajol C16 p46
87/jun/07 25th anniversary GTO tour Jean-Claude Bajol
92/apr/22-26   Tour de France Auto Jean-Claude Bajol /
Antoine Prunet
#83 C70 p19
93/sep/11 Ferrari Club France meeting, Dijon Jean-Claude Bajol
96/jun Ferrari Club France meeting, Mas du Clos Jean-Claude Bajol C95 p15
96/nov - Lawrence Stroll, Montreal, CDN via Duncan Hamilton  
96/dec - engine swapped with 3769GT now united with its original engine (Jay D. Felter)  
97 - restored twice, first time in the USA, second time in Italy  
97/sep/15-19 35th anniversary GTO tour Lawrence Stroll
98/jul - currently fitted with unstamped spare block  
98/jul/23 Brandon Wang's GTO Garden party Lawrence Stroll
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Lawrence Stroll
99/apr - registered: "LSR 1"
99/apr/20-24 Tour Auto Lawrence Stroll/     Jay Felter #132
00/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Lawrence Stroll/ Wilson/               Gary Pearson #14
01/jun/21 Kinnerton Test Day, Rockingham Lawrence Stroll
01/aug/18-19   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lawrence Stroll    
02/jan/24-25 XI. Cavallino Classic Track Days, Moroso Park Lawrence Stroll  
02/jan/25 2nd OA Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Moroso Park, GTO/SWB race Lawrence Stroll #86  
02/jan/26 display XI. Cavallino Classic, class 16 Lawrence Stroll
02/sep/09-13 40th anniversary GTO tour Lawrence Stroll
04/aug/14-15   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lawrence Stroll #86  
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
06/may/14-15 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Infineon Raceway Sonoma, disc brake race, class 4 Lawrence Stroll #86
07/oct/21-25 45th anniversary GTO tour Lawrence Stroll
12/jul/03-07 50th anniversary GTO tour Lawrence Stroll
12 - repainted in original TF-colour scheme, certified by Ferrari Classiche
2020 - Invernizzi, I  



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