3769GT 62/jun/13
Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD
Grey met. with blue central stripe
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62/jun/13 - Fernand Tavano, Le Mans, F "MO 77915"
62/jun/23-24 dnf 24h Le Mans Fernand Tavano/
André Simon
#23 FaLM p61 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p145, 152, 154, 155 Pourret p299
62/jul/01 dnf Cote de Turckheim- Trois-Épis Fernand Tavano #99 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p159
62/jul/15 5th OA
1st GT
Cote de Macon-Solutré Fernand Tavano    
62/jul/22 1st OA Rallye Lyons-La Foret Fernand Tavano #66  
62/sep/15-23 dnf (engine) Tour de France Fernand Tavano /
Marcel Martin
#157 C172 p50    TdF p169, 171           Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p162, 163,166           "MO 77915"
62/oct/14 1st OA Rallye de Cognac Fernand Tavano/
Marcel Martin
#59 "1460 EU 59" 
63/jan - overhauled at factory
63/mar/16 1st IC Rallye de l'Ouest Fernand Tavano/
Yves Breteau
#67 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p170 
63/mar/31 1st IC Cote d'Hebecrevon Fernand Tavano #78  
3/apr/06-07 Essais Avril, Le Mans Fernand Tavano #56
63/may/05 1st OA Rallye de Picardie Fernand Tavano/ Ludois Jean Py #2  
63/may/12 3rd OA 1st IC Cote du Pin, Annonay Fernand Tavano    
63/may/25 dnf Rallye de Lorraine Fernand Tavano #2  
63/jun/23 3rd IC Cote du Mont Ventoux Fernand Tavano    
63 - Sylvain Garant, F  
63 - repainted blue
64/feb/08-09 2nd OA 2nd IC Rallye des Routes du Nord Sylvain Garant/
64/feb/23 acc Circuit Albi Sylvain Garant #50  
64/may/02 3rd OA Rallye Picardie Sylvain Garant/
64/may/23 dnf Rallye Lorraine Sylvain Garant    
64/may/30 7th OA Rallye Limousin Sylvain Garant/
64/jun/13-14   Rallye Touquet Sylvain Garant    
64/aug/08 1st IC Trophées Cognac Sylvain Garant    
64/aug/16 8th OA
1st IC
Mont Dore hillclimb Sylvain Garant    
64/sep/11-20 dnf Tour de France Sylvain Garant /
#171 TdF p200   AMS 21/64 p42 C192 p22
64/sep/20 5th OA
1st5 IC
Coupes de Paris, Montlhery Sylvain Garant    
64/oct/04 3rd OA
1st GT
Coupe du Salon, Montlhery Sylvain Garant    
64/oct/25 2nd GT Rallye Agaci Sylvain Garant/
64/nov/29 18th OA 1st IC Rallye Cevennes Sylvain Garant/
64 3rd GT Rallye ACO Sylvain Garant    
65/feb/12-14 18th OA Rallye des Route du Nord Sylvain Garant/
65/apr/04 5th OA 4th GT Rallye Limousin Sylvain Garant/
65/apr/25 1st OA Coupes USA, Montlhery Sylvain Garant #2  
65/may/02 9th OA Rallye Lorraine Sylvain Garant/
65/may/09 5th OA 1st IC Rallye Bordeaux Sylvain Garant/
65/may/24 1st OA Rallye Picardie Sylvain Garant/
65/may/30 dnf Rallye La Baule Sylvain Garant    
65/jun/06 10th GT 2nd IC Mont Ventoux hillclimb Sylvain Garant #222 250 GTO p66
65/jun/13 1st OA Rallye Le Touquet Sylvain Garant    
65/jul/04 3rd OA 1st GT Rallye Mont Blanc Sylvain Garant/
65/jul/25 1st GT Trophées Cognac Sylvain Garant    
65/aug/15 1st GT
Mont Dore hillclimb Sylvain Garant    
65/aug/29 1st IC Beaujolais hillclimb Stoikovitch    
65/sep/19 16th OA 1st GT Coupes de Paris, Montlhery Sylvain Garant #2 Pourret p327
65/sep/26 7th OA Albi GP Sylvain Garant    
65/oct/03 5th OA
1st IC
Coupe du Salon, Montlhery Sylvain Garant #1  
65/oct/23 2nd OA 1st IC VI. Rallye deux Catalognes Sylvain Garant/
#1  Montjuic p180, 182
66/jan/01 acc. Albi Sylvain Garant    
66/may/22 6th OA 4th IC Rallye de la Baule Sylvain Garant/
66/jun/12 dnf Rallye Touquet Sylvain Garant    
66//jun/26 5th OA Trophées Auvergne, Charade Sylvain Garant    
66/oct/16 dns
accident in practice
1000km Paris, Montlhery Sylvain Garant /
F. Ruata
#50 raced 3451GT
66 - Guy Rivillon, F
Bought after 1966 Montlhéry race, where it had suffered a minor prang in testing prior to the race, breaking the windshield & driver window. After the 1966 Montlhéry event, the fresher drive train of 3769GT was out into 3451GT and continued racing.
67 - fitted with 250 GTO engine 3451GT  
67 - .........., Reims, F  
67 - Mulard, F  
67 - Dr, Lejeune, F  
71 - Rob de la Rive Box, CH  
71 - Paul F. Schouwenburg, NL RB p63
91/nov/02-03 - S - The Auction Las Vegas - $5,775,000 - this was a faked sale ! MK11/91 p117
92/mar/21-22 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - no bid
94 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D  
9. - Anthony Wang, Long Island, NY, USA  
96/dec - engine swapped with 3451GT now united with its original engine (Jay D. Felter)  
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Anthony Wang
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Anthony Wang
97/sep/15-19 35th anniversary GTO tour Anthony Wang
04/aug/14-15 dns Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lulu Wang #3  
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