400 Superamerica Speciale


1287GT (2nd) 60/nov
250 GTE 2+2 body with 400SA engine
(originally: 2257SA Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupé Speciale 2+2, S1, LHD)
Blu Dauphine MM 12252/rosso
2420mm wheelbase
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - Enzo Ferrari, Maranello, I (3 litre engine, gearbox # 32E)
60/jun/26 - Pace car at 24h of Le Mans  
61 - renumbered to 1287GT (a 250 GTE 2+2 Prototipo) "MO 54083"
63 - a 1287SA 4 litre engine installed (no. interno 8SA)
64/jul/23 - Dezille, Paris, F "8565 QJ 75"
64/oct - engine replaced at Modena with engine 3105SA (400 SA S2) (no. interno 66SA)  
6. - engine 1287SA installed in 400SA 3097SA/4031SA  
71/jul/19 - Jan Chudzik, Paris, F
72 - completely destroyed in a road crash by Chudzik
.. - François Berson, F
Buys engine, gearbox, transmission and front crossmember. Uses crankshaft and water pump to repair client’s Ferrari
.. - Charles Robert, Nogent Sur Marne, F
Buys mechanical parts and front crossmember. Swaps out two cylinders of 66SA engine with a different 400SA engine he was rebuilding
.. - Jean Coway, F
Buys parts. Swaps gearbox #32E with Pierre Bardinon for a 330 GT gearbox
.. - Charles Robert, Nogent Sur Marne, F
Buys back parts from Coway
.. - Berson
Takes in engine, front crossmember, gearbox, transmission as payment for repairing a Bugatti engine
98 - Undergoing reconstruction. Parts of the chassis, the engine, gear box, rear axle were in very good condition. The body was destroyed, and is being rebuilt from an other 250 GTE.
98 - asking DM 150.000.-  
99/oct - Pierre Vaïda, Bordeau area, F "BM-740-BV"
17/may/05 - Stanislas Machoïr, Classic et Compétition Auction, Spa-Francorchamps.
Lot 31 - Est. €800,000-1,000.000, sold €660,000, fees inclusive. Argento metallizzato
.. - Belgian buyer backed out. Car still available  


61 - 1287GT, the 1959 250 GTE 2+2 Prototipo was renumbered to 2257 SA. The car above is the second 1287GT (after the renumbering), originally built in November 1960 as 2257SA (400 SA S1).

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