Ferrari 250 Europe GT

0381GT 1954/dec/03
Ferrari 250 Europa GT Coupe S2 PF, LHD
Black/natural leather (car has sun roof)
PF job no. 13944
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1955 - engine 0363GT installed at factory TF p92
1955 - factory renumbered as 0363GT
1955 - J.J. Voos, Vervies B - as replacement for crashed 0363GT  
195. - Dr. Albert Grenade, B
1958 - Grenade partly traded 0381/0363GT to Garage Francorchamps as payment for his new 250 GT PF Coupe s/n 1001GT, which was also renumbered to 0363GT
1959 - renumbered again, this time as 0663GT by Garage Francorchamps
1959 - Maasland, Den Haag, NL (dealer)  
1961/may - W.M. Pieters, NL - repainted grey "BT-54-01"
1977/jul/26 - Dries Jetten, Boxmeer, NL - 77.000km - painted black C94 p27, 35    "BT-54-01"  
1978/aug/12-13 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Dries Jetten #36
1987/jul 20th anniversary FOC meeting, Oulton Park Dries Jetten
1992/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Dries Jetten
2001/jul/28 - Graf Berghe von Trips Rally  
2002/jan/25 - displayed at the MECC Interclassics by the Ferrari Clun Nederlande  
2003/nov/16 - displayed at the Gallery



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