97904 93/jul/06
F40 LM 
Michelotto build No.19
susp. bascul.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
93 - Ferrari of North America
93 - Remo Ferri, Maranello Motors, Toronto, CDN
9. - Dr. John Bisanti, Rhode Island, USA  
99/jan/21-22 VIII. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Motorsports Park John Bisanti
99/jan/22 VIII. Cavallino Classic Tour di Palm Beach John Bisanti
99/jan/23 display VIII. Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza, class 9 John Bisanti
00/jan/20-21 IX. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso John Bisanti
00/jan/22 Platinum IX. Cavallino Classic, class 12 John Bisanti
02 - seized by Government
"It's about Dr. John Bisanti who was arrested because of money laundering, when
he tried to sell his rare Ferrari to an FBI agent who "posed as a Russian pimp
needing to launder his illicit profits"."
03/feb/12 - auctioned by government C133 p18
0. - Irv David, USA ( The Pinnacle Portfolio )
13/jul - serviced by Ferrari of Central Florida  
15/aug/13-15 - RM Monterey Auction
Lot 116 - Est. $2,000,000 - $2,500,000- Sold $3,300,000
15/aug/13 - GTC (Guikas), F  



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