88522 91/jan/08
F40 LM 
Michelotto build No.6 
IMSA specs
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
91 - Albert Uderzo, F via Pozzi  
.. - car clipped a curb and the bonnet cracked, since it was new, owner had it repaired by Pozzi Lyon with bonnet and suspension parts from Michelotto to new condition

Note : a french dealer claimed that the car was badly crashed, it turned out this was not the case, so if you hear this roumor it is wrong
94/dec - $500k Talacrest
94/dec - David Morrison, Surrey, UK via Talacrest  
97/jan - Taylor & Crawley, UK
97/feb - Peter M. Fandel, Bitburg, D 850,000 DM  
98/mar/20 - Modena Motorsport, Langenfeld, D (package deal of 6 cars 0540, 1037GT, 1034, 88522, 250 TR replica, 250 GTO replica DM3.05k did not buy it)  
98/may - $455k  
98/jun - $465,000 FML  
98/dec/19 - S - Brooks, Palace Hotel, Gstaad, CH Sfr. 619,500 incl. buyer's prem  
98/dec/19 - ........., F  
.. - Formula Racing, Lyngby, DK 
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