6105 64/sep/08
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
Motore tipo 211
China red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64/sep - Earls Court show car
64/sep/15 - Ron Fry, Bristol, UK 250LM p15      "RON 54" 
64/sep/20 Longleat hillclimb Ron Fry
64/sep/26 Weston Sprint Ron Fry
64/oct/10 Castle Combe Ron Fry
64/oct/11 Wiscombe hillclimb Ron Fry
65/mar/28 Yeovilton Sprint Ron Fry
65/apr/04 Longleat hillclimb Ron Fry
65/apr/11 Wiscombe Park  hillclimb Ron Fry #74 Scarlet Passion p69
65/may/05 Dyrham Park hillclimb Ron Fry
65/may/16 Blandford hillclimb Ron Fry Scarlet Passion p141
65/may/22 Castle Combe Ron Fry
65/may/23 Evesham Sprint Ron Fry
65/jun/07 Wiscombe hillclimb Ron Fry
65/jun/26 Long Marston Sprint, National High Speed Trials Ron Fry
65/jun/27 Coventry Cup, Mallory Park Ron Fry
65/jul/03 Castle Combe 750 Ron Fry
65/jul/04 Wiscombe hillclimb Ron Fry
65/jul/17 Castle Combe Ron Fry
65/jul/18 Castle Combe Sprint Ron Fry
65/jul/24 Dyrham Park hillclimb Ron Fry
65/jul/25 Cheltenham MC Ron Fry
65/jul/31 Castle Combe Ron Fry
65/aug/01 Longleat hillclimb Ron Fry
65/aug/21 Sevenoaks MC Race Meeting Ron Fry
65/aug/30 Brands Hatch Ron Fry
65/sep/18 Holimarine Sprint Ron Fry
65/sep/25 Castle Combe Ron Fry
65/oct/02 Silverstone Ron Fry #122
65/oct/03 Redex Trophy, Brands Hatch Ron Fry
65 Tourist Trophy, Oulton Park Ron Fry #148
66/mar/03 Mallory Park Ron Fry
66/apr/23 BRSCC, Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/apr/24 Brands Hatch Ron Fry
66/may/05 Leicester Cup, Mallory Park Ron Fry
66/may/21 Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/may/28 St. John Horsfall Ron Fry
66/may/29 British Eagle Trophy, Brands Hatch Ron Fry #116 250LM p97
66/may/30 Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/jun/05 Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/jun/11 Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/jun/18 BARC Silverstone Ron Fry
66/jun/25 Castle Combe Sprint Ron Fry
66/jun/26 Mallory Park Sprint Ron Fry
66/jul/30 Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/aug/20 Hagley Hundred, Castle Combe Ron Fry
66/aug/21 Spring Grove Trophy Ron Fry
66/sep/10 Silverstone Ron Fry
66/sep/17 Yeovilton Sprint Ron Fry
66/sep - Earls Court Motor show
6. - David S.D. Skailes, Market Drayton, UK "BFB 932B"
67/may/20 8th OA Martini Trophy, Silverstone David Skailes
67/jun/15 British GP Meeting, Silverstone David Skailes #32 250LM p157
67/sep/16 7th OA Gold Cup,
Oulton Park
David Skailes #..
67 - Drogo long nose conversion  
67/nov/04 6th OA 9h Kyalami David Skailes/         Eric Liddel #14 250LM p102
68/may/19 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring David Skailes/          Eric Liddel #63
68/oct - Jack Maurice, Gosforth, UK "JM 265"
69/may/04 Prescott Jack Maurice
69/may/31 Barbon Jack Maurice
69/jun/22 Tholt-y-Will Jack Maurice
69/jul/05 Rest-an-be-Thankful Jack Maurice
69/jul/20 Pontypool Jack Maurice
69/aug/17 Shelsley Wlash Jack Maurice
69/sep/07 Prescott Jack Maurice
69/sep/28 4th OA Oliver's Mount hillclimb, Scarborough Jack Maurice #86
69/oct/12 Castle Howard Jack Maurice
70/may/03 Prescott Jack Maurice
70/may/17 Wiscombe Jack Maurice
70/may/30 Barbon Jack Maurice
70/jun/14 Shelsley Walsh Jack Maurice
70/aug/08 Craigantlet Jack Maurice
70/aug/16 Shelsley Walsh Jack Maurice
70/sep/06 Prescott Jack Maurice
70/sep/27 Scarborough Jack Maurice
75 Prescott Jack Maurice
75 - engine overhauled by Diena & Silingardi's Sport Auto
76 - Brian Classic, Knutsford, Cheshire, UK
76/jun/05 - offered by Classic for $35,000
76 - Martin Johnston, UK
77 - Richard Colton, Wellingborough, UK
lIlustrated in Godfrey Eaton's book Ferrari the Sports and racing cars.
77 1st IC Upwood Sprint Richard Colton
77/sep 2nd IC AMOC Curborough Sprint Richard Colton #75
77 1st IC Prescott hillclimb Richard Colton #92
77/sep 4th IC AMOC Sprint, Cuborough Richard Colton
77 1st IC Upwood Richard Colton
78/jul FOC annual meeting Richard Colton
78 Toen & Country annual show Richard Colton
78/jul/13 Donnington test day Richard Colton
79/may/10 Michael Neilan's test day, Donington Richard Colton
79/jul/12 Donington test day Richard Colton
79 Curborough Sprint Richard Colton #61 250LM p157
81- obtained one of the Scaglietti spare short noses from Robert Fehlmann, Switzerland and rebuilt the front of the car with an original short nose  
81 - completely restored by Colton
82/jul/11 FOC Meeting, Eastington Hall Richard Colton
84 - Yoshijuki Hayashi, Tokyo, J via Chris Drake T&CC 10/84 p54
84/apr/14-15 Ferrari days Gotenba Yoshijuki Hayashi
95/jan/09 - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art C92 p27
00/oct - Kevin Crowder, Dallas, TX, USA via SMC
01/may FCA Annual meet, Circle Ranch Kevin Crowder
01/may/31-jun/02 FCA Annual Meet, Concours, Dallas Kevin Crowder
03/may - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
03/jun - John Collins - Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK
03/jul - Bob Sarraihl, F - this deal did not happen
0. - Andrea Burani, Cavriago, I
05/oct/20-23 Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. C David Franklin #96
06/jul/08-09 48th 3rd Le Mans Classic, Grid 4 Andrea Burani / David Franklin / Mirimillan /    Werner #46
06/sep/01-03 13th OA Goodwood Revival Meeting, Whitsun Trophy David Franklin #7
07/jun/24 3rd IC 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance, class 15 Andrea Burani
.. - Dick Lovett Group, UK
11/feb - Pierre Mellinger, Crans, CH (PL, F) - traded in 250 GT SWB s/n 2563GT & 250 MM PF Berlinetta s/n 0310MM
11/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia Pierre Mellinger
12/apr/16-21 Tour Auto Pierre Mellinger / Andreas Birner #50
12/jul/06-08 Le Mans Classic, Plateau 4 Pierre Mellinger / Tommaso Gelmini / Jean Pierre Gelis #28
12/dec - The Pinnacle Portfolio
14/aug - ......., $18,5mio  
15/aug/13-15 - RM Monterey Auction
Est. upon request - Sold $17,600,000
15/aug/13 - ..................., UK  



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