5905 64/jul
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 140LM
China Red/blue interior
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/mar/24 - Scuderia Filipinetti, Geneva, CH  
65/mar - Heini Walter, CH  
65/apr/11 7th OA 5th IC Preis von Wien, Flughafen Aspern Heini Walter #31 AMS 9/65 p64 "BL 29"
65/jun/06 4th OA 11:23, 6 Mont Ventoux hillclimb Heini Walter
65/aug/22 acc. St. Ursanne les Rangiers hillclimb Heini Walter #70 250LM p137  
65/aug - converted to a spider MK2/95 p115
65/aug/29 ... Großer Bergpreis der Schweiz, Ollon-Villars Heini Walter #189 250LM p137
65/sep/19 Rundrennen Hockenheimring Heini Walter #163 250LM p138
65/oct/17 acc. GT race, Wien-Aspern airfield Heini Walter #99 250LM p93
65 - converted back to original body style by Franco Sbarro  
66/jun/26 2nd Tuerckheim Les Trois Epis hillclimb Heini Walter
66/jul/16-17 1st IC Prototypes
ADAC Norisring Rennen Heini Walter    
66/jul/31 Freiburg-Schauinsland hillclimb Heini Walter #83
66 - burnt after an accident
66 - original engine sold to Pierre de Siebenthal   
66 - engine installed from 5891
66/aug/07 5th Coppa Citta d'Enna Heini Walter
67/mar/26 1st IC 3h FRC Hockenheim Heini Walter /
#83 PS 5/67 p32
67/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Heini Walter /
#41 250LM p71
67/may/14 dns Targa Florio Heini Walter /
67/may/28 ... 1000km Nürburgring Heini Walter /
67/aug/20 St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillclimb Heini Walter #91
67 - Baumann, CH
67 - Othmar Graf, CH as basket case  
.. - Uwe Hucke, D (Automuseum Nettelstedt & Bad Oeynhausen) as basket case  
7. - Henry 'Hank' George Haga, Koenigstein, D (also Mi, USA) - as basket case "250 LM (MI)"
7. - completely restored at Graypaul Motors - car arrived in a couple of boxes 250LM p48
79/aug/11-12 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Hank Haga #10 250LM p138
.. - Charles Gnaediger, CH  
96 - Apichella, I  
98/may - asking $2.1mio  
99/jun - Emilio Gnutti, Brescia, I  
00/jun/28 - reunited with it's original engine (engine swapped with 5891)  




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