5891 64/jul consigned completed 06/apr/65
Ferrari 250 LM, Drogo nose, LHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 160LM
China red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - Antonio Nicodemi, Avellino, I - Scuderia S. Stefano  
65/may/09 14th
Targa Florio Antonio Nicodemi /
Francesco Lessona
#136 250LM p57    "PR RM 36" I
65/jun/06 1st OA Circuito di Mugello Antonio Nicodemi /
Mario Casoni
65/jun/29 dns XVI. Coppa della Sila/ II. Coppa Città di Cosenza Antonio Nicodemi  
65/jul/11 8th OA
1st IC
Trento-Bondone hillclimb Mario Casoni #74  
65/jul/18 Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Antonio Nicodemi #486
65/aug/01 4th OA
2nd IC
Trapani-Monte Erice hillclimb Antonio Nicodemi #352  
65/aug/15 1st Coppa Citta di Enna, Pergusa Mario Casoni #38  
65/sep/19 3rd OA Coppa Fagioli Antonio Nicodemi #  
65/oct/27 dnf Rallye Jolly Hotels Antonio Nicodemi /
Mario Casoni
66/mar/13 3rd Coppa FISA Monza Antonio Nicodemi #194  
66/mar/27 6th IC Coppa Gallenga Antonio Nicodemi #  
66/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Carlo Facetti /
Antonio Nicodemi /
Nino Vaccarella
66/may/08 17th  OA
3rd P+2.0
Targa Florio Antonio Nicodemi /
Francesco Lessona
66/jun/02 1st Rallye Jolly Hotels Antonio Nicodemi/
66/jul/03 3rd OA Coppa Monopoli Antonio Nicodemi #195  
66/jul/10 dns Trento-Berdone Antonio Nicodemi #68  
66/jul/17 1st Mugello Carlo Facetti /
Antonio Nicodemi
66/jul/31 Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Carlo Facetti #446
66 - Sylvain Garant, F - entered under Scuderia Filipinetti, Geneva, CH
67/apr/23 dsq. Coupe de USA Sylvain Garant #1 "GE 2673"
67/apr/30 3rd IC Magny Cours Sylvain Garant #89  
67/may/28 3rd OA,
1st IC
GP de Paris Sylvain Garant #42  
67/aug/15 2nd IC Mont Dore Sylvain Garant    
67/aug/20 dnf Wien Aspern Sylvain Garant    
67/sep/10 3rd OA,
2nd IC
Coupe de Paris, Monthlery Sylvain Garant #66 Les Grandes Heures de Monthlery p337              1000km Paris p108
68/apr/28 2nd
Coupe de Vitesse Sylvain Garant #20  
68/may/11-12 2nd OA,
1st IC
GP de Paris Sylvain Garant #33  
68/aug/15 3rd OA,
1st IC
GP d'Enna Sylvain Garant #60  
68/sep/28-29 dnf (transm.) 24h Le Mans Herbert Mueller /
Jonathan Williams
#20 FaLM p96 250LM p75    S. Filipinetti p208, 212   C102 p41-43
due to strike race was postboned to september  
68 - engine 5891 installed in 5905  
68 - engine installed from 5905 after the Le Mans in preparation for the Tour de France '69  
68/oct/06 2nd OA,
1st IC
Coupe de Salon, Monthlery Sylvain Garant #3  
68/oct/13 dnf 1000km Paris, Monthlery Sylvain Garant /
Herbert Mueller
68/oct - Franco Sbarro, Grandson, CH
69 - Jean-Pierre Rouget, F  
69/sep/18-26 dnf Tour de France J.P. Rouget /
Gustave Gosselin
#192 TdF p210    "VD 201169" 250LM p105, 122
69 - Pierre Bardinon, Aubusson,  F  
70 - Philipp Vernholes, F  
71 - Jacques Thuysbaert, Villeneuve, F  
72 - Albert Prost, Roanne, F sold for FF 15mio  
00 - Jean Guikas  GTC, Marseille, F   
00/jun/28 - reunited with its original engine (engine swapped with 5905)  
Note: Circuito di Mugello, a 41.135 mile road track which was active between 1920 and 1969, the Circuit of Mugello used some of the same roads as the Mille Miglia, including the Futa Pass. Although some parts were extremely fast, there was only one fatality when Günther Klass was killed in 1967.
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