1037GT, 58/nov/21   *** 59th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, LHD
1 louvre, covered headlights, wind-up windows
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/nov - Carlos Kauffmann, Caracas, VEN  
58/nov/13 - Julio Pola, VEN for driver Ettore Chimeri
58/nov/22 2nd OA
2nd GT+2.6
GP de Trinidad  Ettore Chimeri #823  
59/mar/15 3rd OA
1st GT
GP de Trinidad  Ettore Chimeri #117 FY59
59/nov/11 ... Ojeda City GP Ettore Chimeri    
60 - José Miguel Galia, Caracas, VEN   
60 - sent back to Italy and rebodied by Scaglietti with a '59 style body with open lights;  California LWB fenders fitted which using molded wheel openings
81 - Maurizio Marcotulli, Caracas, VEN
8. - Jose Harth, Caracas, VEN - in need of complete restoration
87 - Mike Sheehan's EAS, Inc., Costa Masa, CA, USA - paid $342,500.-
88/jan - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA for $400.000.-  
88/apr/28 - shipped by boat to Miami and suffered very heavy front end damages in container en route
89/jan/14 - John Maher, AUS - paid $385.000.-  
89 - restored to original specs with covered headlights in New Zealand
91 - Jack Braam Ruben, NL via Mike Sheehan
9. - Peter Fandel, Bitburg, D  
97/may - offered for DM 1,3mio. (~ $765.000.-)
97/nov 20 - still offered, this time for DM 900.000 (~ $514,000.-)
98/jan/07 - offered by ProTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D for $565,000; red/black
98/mar/20 - offered by Modena Motorsport, Langenfeld, D
(package deal of 6 cars 0540, 1037GT, 1034, 88522, 250 TR replica, 250 GTO replica DM3.05mio did not buy it)
98/apr/25 - advertised for sale in FML by ProTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D for $545,000
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days Axel Urban
98/may - asking price in FML $545.000 - on ProTrade's website $500.000.-  
98/jun - still offered by ProTrade, asking $565.000.-  
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days Axel Urban #50
98/jun/27-28 Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Dijon Prenois Axel Urban #50
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Axel Urban #50
98/aug/14 - offered in FML by ProTrade, asking now $585,000.-
98/aug/29 - offered in FML by ProTrade, asking $575,000.-
98/dec/05 - offered in FML by ProTrade, asking $575.000.-  
99/feb/20 - offered in FML by ProTrade for $575.000.-
99/mar/25 - Andrew Pisker, UK - paid $575.000.-  
99/may/06-08 Mille Miglia Andrew Pisker/ Stipes #361 "TDF 884"
01/jul - John Siroonian, Newport Beach, CA, USA  
02/may/23-26 display FCA National Concours, L.A., class 3 John Siroonian
03/aug/16 Platinum Cavallino Classic at Concorso Italiano, class 1 John Siroonian
04/aug/17-19 Silver award FCA International Concours, Monterey, class 18 John Siroonian



60/mar/02 - fatal accident, GP Cuba  - Ettore Chimeri
according to NSSN p11 60/mar/02 it was a Maserati 3.0 in practice, also see 0726 car exploded
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