0812 63 
250P, RHD
in 64 converted to 275P/330P
Engine "210 N 4"
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63 - Scuderia Ferrari
63/mar/23 2nd OA
2nd P3.0
12h Sebring Willy Mairesse /
Nino Vacarella /
Lorenzo Bandini
63/may/05 dnf Targa Florio Willy Mairesse / Ludovico Scarfiotti #172 Scarlet Passion p53                 C96 p37
63/may/19 1st OA 1000km Nuerburgring John Surtees /
Willy Mairesse
#110 Scarlet Passion p56              AF2/95 p110,133 AMS 11/63 p41
63/jun/15-16 acc.
24h Le Mans John Surtees /
Willy Mairesse
#23 FaLM p70       Scarlet Passion p58, 59              FML 15,4 p2
"Prova MO 53"
P60 p190
63 - car damaged by fire  
64 - converted to 275 P specs
64/mar/21 1st OA
1st P+3.0
12h Sebring Mike Parkes /
Umberto Maglioli
#22 PS 5/64 p8, 9
this was 0816
64/mar/21 2nd OA
2nd P+3.0
12h Sebring Ludovico Scarfiotti /
Nino Vaccarella
#23 PS 5/64 p9 AF2/95 p104 Scarlet Passion p62
The factory has identified 0816 as the Sebring winning car and 0812 as the runner up ... 0814 was not at the race
64/jun/20-21 dnf 24h Le Mans Giancarlo Baghetti /
Umberto Maglioli
#22 FaLM p78      AMS 14/64 p40
64 - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA - as 330 P  
64 1st Mt. Tremblant race Pedro Rodriguez
64/sep/20 2nd OA FIA 500km race, Bridgehampton (Double 500) Pedro Rodriguez #81 Finn p265
64/sep/27 4th OA Canadian GP, Mosport Walt Hansgen #2  
65/feb/28 dnf (driveshaft) 2000km Daytona Walt Hansgen #99 most probably 0820
65 - entered on behalf of Chinetti through Kleiner Racing Enterprises, Austin, TX, USA to accommodate Ferrari’s calling a Sebring boycott for allowing non-Appendix J sport-racer cars to enter
65/mar/27 8th OA
2nd SR+2.0
2nd Sports
12h Sebring Umberto Maglioli /
Giancarlo Baghetti
65/sep/19 dnf FIA 500km race, Bridgehampton (Double 500) Mario Andretti #18 Finn p273, 274, 275
68 - rebodied for Chinetti by Michelotti FML 15,4 p3
68 - New York Show car  
89 - rebodied to former body style at Autosport, Bastiglia, I C52 p44
89 - FOC 80 p33  
99 - restored by Autofficina Sauro, Bologna, IT, including some body work at Protauto, Sorbara, IT (car had chassis, all its components, etc.)  
09/mar/05 - JSL Motorsports LLC, Redwood City, CA, USA  ... (via Stephen Hill's Trofeo Motorsports, CA)
J. Lacob
10/aug/12-15 32rd Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca,
race 8B
Stephen Hill #22
11/jan/22 XX. Cavallino Classic Stephen Hill #22 C182 p34
12/aug/17 R&T Award The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering,
Carmel Valley
JSL Motorsports Collection
18/mar/10 Best of Show Amelia Island Concours JSL Motorsports Collection    
19/aug   "Casa Ferrari"
Pebble Beach
JSL Motorsports Collection    
2020/feb - Pursuing Ferrari Classiche certification  



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