3072 57/apr/27
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, long nose, RHD
Chassis # 3072
Engine # 3072
Color exterior - Red
Color interior - Black with red piping
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - works racer  
57/may/12 4th OA Mille Miglia Giorgio Scarlatti #530 300S p251-254 Orsini & Zagari p731
57/may/26 15th OA 1000km Nuerburgring Giorgio Scarlatti/            Joakim Bonnier/                Hans Herrmann #3 300S p255
57/nov/03 acc GP Venezuela, Caracas Giorgio Scarlatti/       Joakim Bonnier #6 300S p256, 257  AR p125, 126
- Bonnier collided with the 450 S driven by Schell after a tire failure
- the car felled a lamp post and was heavily damaged 
57/nov - repaired at factory
.. - ..........., BR  
72 - discovered in Sao Paolo, BR by Colin Crabbe 300S p258, 259
72/mar - Martin Johnston, UK  
75 - restored by PAO, UK
77/may - Vic Norman, UK via David Mulvaney (dealer) for around 4,000.-

was in lovely original condition, original body, transaxle, chassis, etc., it had the same motor that is currently in the car. he said that there were a number of stampings on the body (boot lid, etc.). very original

79 - Martin Colvill, UK for 16,000.-  
84 Mille Miglia Martin Colvil/             Thorpe #195
84 - Kerry Manolas, Bellevue Hill, AUS for 75k  
8. - fully restored at Trevor Stokes' restorations, UK

it appears that at this time the floors were redone in alloy and now have a wonderful patina about them. the body is definitely original, as well as the chassis

86  Mille Miglia Kerry Manolas/         Fellows #236 MM86 p30
87 - Anthony Pilkington, UK for 250,000.-
87 - race sorted by DK Engineering, with the suspension just tuned and sorted. the car is in very good mechanical and cosmetic conditon. the paint is very nice with a few stone chips around the nose of the car from vintage racing. there is a small tear in the seam of the passenger seat, which is easily fixed. the engine bay is quite tidy, but the engine has not been show detailed but looks very nice  
87 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                     Cave #286
88  Mille Miglia Pilkington/                         Cave #269
89 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                          Cave #299
90 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                         Cave #321
91 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                       Cave #309
92 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                         Cave #277 MM92 p121, 158
93 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                         Cave #327
94 Mille Miglia Pilkington/                          Cave #244
96/aug - offered by DK Engineering, Watford, UK for 495,000.- T&CC 8/96 p211
97 - only the cylinder head for this car is in Ecclestone's 250F # 2514
97 - cylinder head installed is from # 3035
97/oct - still offered by DK, now asking 480,000.- CaS 10/97 p49 CaS 11/97 CaS 12/97          "NSV 732"
97/dec/20 - Dr. Wolf Zweifler, Munich, D via Cottingham/Bernardi to Zweifler for ~$660,000.- "M-WZ 300 H"
98 Mille Miglia Wolfi Zweifler/
99 Mille Miglia Wolfi Zweifler/
00/apr/28-may/01 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa, Grid B Wolfi Zweifler #154
00/jun/17 37th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Wolfi Zweifler #154  
00 1st IC Louis Vuitton Concours, Paris, class race cars Wolfi Zweifler
01/jan - Hugh Taylor, London, UK - paid $2,1mio
0. - completely restored by Giordanengo, Cuneo, I - new front body section
0. - original cylinder head acquired from Ecclestone
04/aug - Jon Shirley, WA, USA




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