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New 4.9l engine for Ferrari 333 SP

May 31, 1999

Ferrari racing fans can be hopeful as engineers at Maranello are putting final touches on a 4.9 liter engine for the 333 SP to be ready sometime in July.  While Michelotto has been the source for much 333 SP innovation over the past few years, the new 4.9 liter engine is a Ferrari factory effort.  It will be available to all current ALMS and ISRS teams and should give those teams an extra advantage, especially against cars using Judd motors that have been performing so well recently.
The new engine came about because the air restrictors and rev limits imposed by Le Mans and ALMS rules really hurt the performance of the 4.0 liter Ferrari motor, which was designed to run unrestricted at very high RPM.  The new 4.9 liter motor should give the 333 SP extra low-end torque and better distribution of this torque throughout the RPM range.

Text James Davies

Does this mean a new name for the 333 SP, or is the new meaning of SP Super Plus, or will it be renamed 410 SP ;-)

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