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1-2-3-4 for Ferrari

Monza, April 11 1999
Double-win for JB Giesse
Jean-Pierre Jabouille’s delight and skepticism
Arturo Merzario on 5th

The 1999 International Sports Racing Series (ISRS) seems to become a repetition of the last year’s edition: In the second race, the highly traditional 1000 Kilometers of Monza, Emmanuel Collard and Vicenzo Sospiri drove to their second win of the season. The two drivers had already been dominating the ISRS last year when they gained the championship title in their Ferrari 333 SP in an impressive way.

This year, the experienced drivers have to face a new "rival" within their own ranks: A second 333 SP was entered the JB Giesse Team, driven by Mauro Baldi and Laurent Redon; interestingly, at Monza this very car was the last and only one to be in same lap as the winning team. The 3rd and 4th position were taken by 333 SPs as well, but these were missing three, respectively four laps to the winning car.

Naturally, JB Giesse boss Jean-Pierre Jabouille felt delighted after the win, but at the same time he pointed out that there was no reason to lay back and to relax. "The challenge in the ISRS is getting tougher and tougher by every race.", quoting the 49-times Grand Prix entrant. This statement was basically referring to the fast DAMS Lola-Judd which had its debut at Monza. Eric Bernard and Jean-Marc Gounon had lead the race right from the pole position and after a short while, they had already been in front of the other competitors by about 30 seconds. But later, the fast British car – which is, compared to the 333 SPs, a brand new design – suffered problems with the exhaust system, and in the end the car dropped out due to a broken gearbox.

A legend in sports car racing could be seen at the wheel of a Cauduro Tampolli: Arturo Merzario, well known to Ferraristi through his entries for the Scuderia Ferrari in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This time, he won the SR2 category.

By the way: The so-called "1000 Kilometers of Monza" were actually not the real McCoy this year; since the ISRS had joined the FIA GT Series for this event, there was not one 1000 kilometers race, but two 500 kilometers races instead!

Text Gregor Schulz
Translation Andreas Birner
Photo Axel Schmidt

1 Collard/Sospiri JB Giesse Ferrari 333SP 2h29m31.944s 023
2 Baldi/Redon JB Giesse Ferrari 333SP 2h30m41.757s 022
3 Calderari/Bryner AutoSport Racing Ferrari 333SP 86 laps 020
4 Waaijenberg/van der Lof Dutch National Racing Team Ferrari 333SP 83 laps 021
5 Merzario/Maccari   SR2 Cauduro Tampolli-BMW 77 laps  
6 Amati/Lancelotti   SR2 Cauduro Tampolli-BMW 74 laps  
dnf Lavaggi/Mazzacane GLV Brums Ferrari 333SP   003
dnf Pescatori/Moncini BMS Scud Italia Ferrari 333SP   024
dnf Zadra/Zadra BMS Scud Italia Ferrari 333SP   029
SR1 Drivers
1 Collard, Sospiri 40
3 Baldi, Redon 27
5 Calderari, Bryner 20
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