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Super Success in Round 1

Barcelona, March 28th, 1999
Six-pack - win for Ferrari
Last year’s winner strikes again
Second car of JB Giesse
Ferrari going to be superior in Monza as well?
Six Ferrari taking the first six positions – can you remember a race in which this did happen for the last time? In the first race of the 1999 International Sports Racing Series (ISRS) at Barcelona, the first six positions were claimed by six 333 SPs which made up the race among them.
Shades of this phenomenal dominance had already become evident in training when only one Riley & Scott managed to brake the phalanx of the 333 SPs, qualifying for the 6th position on the grid, while the Ferrari of Auto Sport Racing had to start from 7th.
The 333 SP of Jean-Pierre Jabouille’s JB Giesse Team, driven by Vicenzo Sospiri and Emmanuel Collard, started from the pole; last year, his team had taken the championship title after an impressive performance during the season. The Italian and his French teammate dominated the race for two hours and drove to their 7th win.
One of the two 333 SPs entered by BMS Scuderia Italia crossed the finishing line about 25 seconds later, driven by Emanuele Moncini and Christian Pescatori. This was the first time for the Scuderia Italia to enter a Ferrari in a race, but the team had already been popular for their Formula 1 entries with Dallara and Lola in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In 1992 and 1993, one did even co-operate in Grand Prix racing with Ferrari.
Strengthened by much confidence provided through the win of the 1998 championship, the JB Giesse Team had decided to enter a second 333 SP, piloted by Laurent Redon and the Italian Mauro Baldi. Baldi used to drive for Fredy Lienhard’s team last year, but decided to accept Jabouille’s offer when it became clear that his former Swiss employer would go racing in the American Le Mans Series instead of the ISRS in 1999. In this first race of the season, the car ended up on 3rd, not to the total satisfaction of the 1990 sports car world champion Mauro Baldi. But in the 1000 Kilometers of Monza, he will have a chance to get even with his teammates.
Monza will show whether the dominance of the Ferrari will prevail or not. A possible concurrent might be the new Judd-powered Lola T98/10 which will have its debut in Italy.
The Riley & Scott which should have started from 6th at Barcelona did not have a chance to score because the BMW-engined vehicle had already dropped out in the formation lap.
1 Collard/Sospiri JB Giesse Ferrari 333SP 2h30m16.776s 023
2 Pescatori/Moncini BMS Scud Italia Ferrari 333SP +25.564s 024
3 Baldi/Redon JB Giesse Ferrari 333SP 84 laps 022
4 Lavaggi/Mazzacane GLV Brums Ferrari 333SP 84 laps 003
5 Calderari/Bryner AutoSport Racing Ferrari 333SP 83 laps 020
6 Zadra/Zadra BMS Scud Italia Ferrari 333SP 82 laps 029
7 Saldana/d'Orleans/Kelleners   Kremer Porsche K8 80 laps  
8 Ploeg/Papenburg   BPR Kremer Porsche K8 76 laps  
9 Bruneau/Rostan/Henderson   SR2 Bruneau Debora-BMW 74 laps  
10 Mangifesta/Leone/Leone   SR2 Osella-BMW Taverna 69 laps  
  Amati/Lancelotti   SR2 Cauduro Tampolli-BMW 56 laps  
  Waaijenberg/van der Lof Dutch National Racing Team Ferrari 333SP 72 laps,
retired with wheel problems when 5th
  Gache/Formato   Riley&Scott Europe R&S BMW 28 laps  
  Langfermann/Fores   SR2 Mark Bailey MBR-Rover 16 laps  
  Merzario/Maccari   SR2 Cauduro Tampolli-BMW 4 laps  
  Blieninger/Riccitelli   Riley&Scott BMW 0 laps  
Barcelona, Spain - 85 laps of 4.278km Montemelo GP circuit, 363.63kms
Fastest lap: Collard, 1m 36.288s, 177.480km/h
ISRS points after Round 1:
SR1 Drivers
1 Collard, Sospiri 20
3 Moncini, Pescatori 15
5 Baldi, Redon 12

SR1 Teams
1 JB Giesse Ferrari 20
2 Scuderia Italia 15
3 GLV Brums 10
Gregor Schulz
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