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The F300 statistics

Maranello, November 2, 1998

Eight Formula 1 cars for 1998

Ferrari built at least eight F300s during the 1998 season. This table shows the races for each car. It’s based on the Scuderia Ferrari-Marlboro's official press releases which can be found in the Internet at http://www.ferrari.it/news.e/nwsform.html.

Gregor Schulz

S/N Race Driver Result
181 Australian GP Irvine 4th
183 Australian GP Irvine Qualifying only
  Brazilian GP T-car -
  Hungarian GP T-car -
  Japanese GP T-car -
184 Australian GP Schumacher Ret.
  Brazilian GP Schumacher 3rd
  Argentinean GP Schumacher 1st
  San Marino GP T-car -
  Spanish GP T-car -
  Monaco GP Schumacher 10th
  Italian GP Irvine 2nd
  Luxembourg GP Irvine 4th
  Japanese GP Irvine 2nd
185 Brazilian GP Irvine 8th
  Argentinean GP Irvine 3rd
  San Marino GP Irvine 3rd
  Spanish GP Irvine ret.
  Monaco GP Irvine Qualifying only
  Canadian GP Irvine 3rd
  French GP Irvine 2nd
  British GP Irvine 3rd
  Austrian GP Irvine 4th
  German GP Irvine 8th
  Hungarian GP Irvine Ret.
  Belgian GP Irvine Acc. 1st start
186 San Marino GP Schumacher 2nd
  Spanish GP Schumacher 3rd
  Canadian GP T-car -
  French GP T-car -
  British GP T-car -
  Austrian GP T-car -
  German GP Schumacher 5th
  Belgian GP Irvine 2nd start, ret.
  Italian GP Schumacher Qualifying only
  Luxembourg GP T-car -
  Japanese GP T-car -
187 Monaco GP Irvine 3rd
  Canadian GP Schumacher 1st
  French GP Schumacher 1st
  British GP Schumacher 1st
  Italian GP Schumacher 1st
188 Austrian GP Schumacher 3rd
  German GP T-Car -
  Hungarian GP Schumacher 1st
  Belgian GP Schumacher Ret.
189 Luxembourg GP Schumacher 2nd
  Japanese GP Schumacher Ret.
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