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Facelifting for the Ferrari 456 GT

Geneva, March 2nd 1998

The only four-seater in Ferrari's current sales programme, the 456 GT, has been facelifted. It is now called "456 M" ("M" = "Modificato" ("modified")) and was presented to the public for the first time during the recent Geneva Motor Show. The mighty 5.5 litres V12-engine remains unchanged, as does the optional automatic transmission.

This was the first modifaction on the 456 GT after its debut in 1992, and it is actually a very decent one which is not surprising since the 456 GT's styling is simply sensational. The major optical modification was done on the Ferrari's grille, which has become a little larger. Furthermore, it does now feature integrated fog-lights and slightly changed spoilers, lips and bumpers. It is somewhat surprising that the pop-up lights, which are a little old-fashioned, remained with the car while all other models feature perspex-covered driving lights (except the F355, but for its successor which will be presented next year it is more than likely to have plexiglass-covered lights, too).

While the styling remained basically unchanged, the interieur has been re-designed. Dash and instruments are new, as is the air-condition which is claimed to have become more effective. The 456 M now comes with a three-spoke steering wheel, and the position of the gear-lever on the central console has become more comfortable for the driver. The front seats are now equipped with memory functions.

The car's suspension and the ABS have been optimized as well, as have the shock absorbers: they are now adjustable, allowing the driver to choose between a "normal" and a "sportive" pogramme.

It is not yet known when the first 456 Ms will arrive at the dealers.

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