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Mille Miglia 98 - Cover
500 TRC s/n 0658MDTR #234166 MM s/n 0040M #282

Italy's most important and highly traditional event for historic cars, the Mille Miglia Storica, will again take place in mid-May; to be more exact: between May 14 and 17, 1998. Since 1977, this road-race for classic automobiles from Brescia in northern Italy to Rome and back to Brescia (via Siena and Florence) has become a "must" for simply everybody interested in old cars.

Mille Miglia 98 - IntroMille Miglia 98 - Schedule - Program
500 Mondial Pinin Farina Spyder 0434MD #276

All the lucky enthusiasts who own cars eligible for the "Mille" and who wish to become one the about 350 entrants had to send their applications for the participation to the organizers until December 31, 1997. To be eligible for the probably most famous, most stylish and most hip European event for historic cars, the cars have to have been built between 1927 and 1957; furthermore, the very vehicle or at least an identical example should once have participated in the original Mille Miglia in these years.

Mille Miglia 98 - Route
195 Inter s/n 0105 #296

Despite of these relatively strict requirements, there are usually more than 900 applications and many enthusiasts receive refusals because of the Mille's limitation to about 350 entries. The definitive list of the accepted participants will be published in early March during the Geneva Motor Show. Ferraris are always an important contingent in the field of the participants - we will keep you informed...

Mille Miglia 98 - List of eligiable cars and coefficients Mille Miglia 98 - List of eligiable cars and coefficients 2
250 TR s/n 0718TR #330

Like in the previous years a "sport driver license - minimum for historic racing" is required for the pilot and co-pilot. A temporary license an be acquired for approx. $50+. - near to the check-in desk. To ease the entire procedure passport pictures are not required any longer.

The check in is in the same place as technical inspection in the Piazza Vittoria in the very center of the city

The start and finish will be in the Viale Venezia in which all cars will line up for the start. The start of the first car is at 20.15. This year 370 cars will take part.

Alfa Romeo is the most represented make, with 92 entries, followed by Mercedes-Benz (69), Ferrari (49), Lancia (46), Fiat (45), Jaguar/SS (42), Aston Martin and Porsche (33), Bentley (29), BMW (28), Maserati (24) and Bugatti (21). Another 88 automobile Houses complete the list.

Up to now, a lot of popular drivers have taken the lion’s share, such as Prince Bosco von Metternich with an Alvis 4.3 Litre Special. Nanni Galli will run the race at the wheel of a 1900 Alfa Romeo, of course. He was the official driver of this House from 1967 to 1972, when he won so many prizes with the GTAs and the "33"s. He ran in Formula One with March as well, and took once the place of Clay Regazzoni in a Ferrari.

Paul Rosche, the motor engineer of the world champions McLaren/BMW, together with Prince Leopold von Bayern, will drive a stream-lined Touring styled 328 MM, belonging to the BMW Museum.

Earl of March and Roberto Ravaglia will be at the wheel of another stream-lined 328. After a recent and existing victories in Daytona and Sebring, Mauro Baldi, the winner of an edition of the "24h Hours Le Mans" too, will be at the start in a Ferrari 250 GT. Also another champion of our time, Emanuele Pirro, will drive a Ferrari, a 375 MM.

We cannot possibly forget to mention one of the greatest drivers of all times, Oliver Gendebien, who will be at the wheel of a Mercedes 300 SL. He won four times the "24 Hours Le Mans", three times the "12 Hours Sebring", three times the "Targa Florio" and the "Tour de France".

On the Mille Miglia roads will happen again the duels typical of the 70’s Formula 1, due to the presence of some of the most extraordinary pilots of that period. First the Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi who won two Formula 1 World Championships with the Lotus in 1972 (5 victories) and 1974 (3 victories).

Senator Carlos Reutemann, Governor of Santa Fe from 1991 to 1995, is going to run for President of the Republic of Argentina. Before devoting himself to politics, great Carlos had been taking part in Formula 1 since 1972, when he was at the wheel of a Brabham for the first time. Afterwards, he became the number 1 driver at Ferrari and Williams. He has achieved ten victories and three third placements in the World Championship. With a Porsche 550 he is going to be one of the two standard-bearers of the solid and well-versed official team of the House of Stuttgart.

The other one is Jackie Ickx, the "King of the rain". In 1969, with a Brabham, ha came in second in the Formula One World Championship. In 1970, with a Ferrari, he got the same result, helping the team to win the Championship of Makes. The prizes he won are so many, that it’s impossible to mention all of them. He obtained the most significant ones in endurance races, such as the "24 Hours Le Mans", the "1000 Kilometers" Nuerburgring and then Monza, Dijon and Spa.

Also Jochen Mass, who is today the standard-bearer of Mercedes-Benz, used to run in Formula 1. Among his greatest victories, we can mention the "24 Hours Le Mans" in 1989 and the Grand Prix of Spain in 1975 with a M. In this edition of the Mille Miglia, he will be at the steering-wheel of the "Silver Arrow", the legendary 300SLR.

The participation of the famous actor Fabio Testi, a true lover of this race, has been a pleasant custom for years. His car a beautiful Biondetti Special.

Another VIP of the Mille Miglia will be the shipowner Peter Livanos, with an Aston Martin DB 3S; this automobile House once belonged to him.

There are many Hotels in the area large and small once, in Bresica or at Lago di Garda or Lago d'Iseo some of them are not opened because it is off season, some are already booked out for the week of the mille miglia since the last one has ended.


Hotel Vittoria, via delle 10 Giornate 20, 65 Rooms 300.000-400.000 lire, Phone +39-30-28.00.61 Fax +39-30-28.00.65 next to the Piazza Vittoria  

Park Hotel Ca'Nöa, via Triumplina 66, 79 Rooms 140.000-200.000 lire, Phone +39-30-39.87.62 Fax +39-30-39.87.64 not in walking distance to the center   

Novotel Brescia, via Pietro Nenni, 120 rooms 170.000-220.000 lire, Phone +39-30-24.25.858 Fax +39-30-24.25.959 close enough to walk  

Radisson SAS Hotel, via Europa 45, 107 Rooms 135.000-185.000 lire, Phone +39-30-20.91.824 Fax +39-30-20.09.741 3,5km from Piazza Vittoria  

Hotel Ambasciatori, via Crocifissa di Rosa 92, 64 rooms 110.000-160.000 lire, Phone +39-30-39.91.114 Fax +39-30-38.18.83 close enough to walk  

Hotel Igea, viale Stazione 15, 85 Rooms 100.000-160.000 lire, Phone +39-30-44.221 Fax +39-30-44.224 close enough to walkVilla


Villa Cortine, via Grotte 12, 47 Rooms 520.000-730.000 lire, Phone +39-30-99.05.890 Fax +39-30-91.63.90 is loacted in Sirmione on a Peninsula in the Lago di Garda has, 39km to Brescia


Franciacorte Golf Hotel, via XXIV Maggio 48, 43 Rooms 150.000-200.000 lire, Phone +39-35-91.33.33 Fax +39-35-91.36.00 close to Lago d'Iseo 33km to Brescia

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Gallery - Mille Miglia

Gallery - Mille Miglia

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