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375 Grand Prix 
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Scuderia Ferrari
51 GP Syracuse  Alberto Ascari #20
51/sep/16 1st OA GP Italy, Monza Alberto Ascari #2
51 - fitted with a 24-plug engine prior to sale to Rosier  
51 - Louis Rosier, F - repainted blue
52/jun/01 1st OA GP d'Albi  Louis Rosier
53/may/31 1st OA GP d'Albi  Louis Rosier #5 Émotion Ferrari p83
53 - rebodied by Scaglietti with enveloping sportscar body Mythos p17
54/jan/24 7th OA
3rd S+3.0
1000km Buenos Aires Louis Rosier/      Maurice Trintignant #12
5. - painted French blue
55/feb/27 4th Critérium International de Vitesse d'Agadir Louis Rosier #2 Émotion Ferrari p116, 129
55/apr/14 4th OA 3rd IC Coupe de Paris,
Alfonso de Portago #27 Émotion Ferrari p118, 129
5. - A. J. 'Ron' Roycroft, NZ  
5. - rebodied locally by Jack Morral of Orewa (in the style of the Indy Cars) with single seater bodywork
57/jan dnf GP New Zealand Ron Roycroft #19 C6 p40
58 1st  Lady Wigram Trophy races Ron Roycroft
58 1st Ardmore 50 Ron Roycroft
58 3rd Ardmore GP Ron Roycroft
61 - offered for sale by Roycroft
61 - Ernie Nunn, Sydney, AUS - paid PDS 1,100
- engine installed in Nunn's power boat
61 - chassis given to Ferris de Joux, AUS
- he lengthened the chassis by 10 inches, fitted a Jaguar engine and made a glass fibre GT body which looked a bit like a Ferrari 250 GT C6 p41 "496.228"
6. - several owners
6. - confiscated by public prosecutor
68 - Gavin Bain, NZ - paid $750 T&CC 12/87 p74
- restored to original single seater configuration with remaining body panels, instruments and steering wheel from Roycroft
.. - original engine re-installed
.. - displayed at Queenstown Motor Museum, NZ
92/aug - Giorgio Perfetti, Lugano, CH (I) via Duncan Hamilton
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