0007 67
312 F1
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - SF
67/sep/10 7th GP Italy Chris Amon #2  
67/oct/01 dnf GP USA  Chris Amon #9  
67/oct/22 9th GP Mexico  Chris Amon #9  
68/jan/01 4th South African GP Amon #8  
68/mar/17 4th Race of Champion Amon #8  
68/apr/25 3rd Silverstone GP Amon #20  
68/may/15 dnf Spanish GP Amon #19  
68/jun/09 dnf Belgium GP Amon #22  
68/jun/23 6th Dutch GP Amon #9  
68/aug/17 dnf Gold Cup, Oulton Park Bell    
68/oct/08 dnf US GP Bell #7  
69 - Pierre Bardinon, Aubusson, F Sport Mecanique
Ferrari supplement p123
.. - Robert Dusek, Solebury, PA, USA  
.. - Yoshiyuki Hayashi, J   
94 - Yoshiho Matsuda, J  
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art C92 p31
98 - Carlos Monteverde, BR (UK) via SMC  
99/sep/17-19 Goodwood Revival Meeting Derek Bell #15 C115 p55
99 - Todd Morici, Clifton, NJ, USA  
99/mar/04   Ferrari F1 reunion, Beverly Hills Todd Morici    
00/jan/20-21 IX. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Todd Morici
00/jan/22 Silver IX. Cavallino Classic, class 12 Todd Morici
01/jul/06-08 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Todd Morici #10
01/aug/18-19 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Todd Morici
04/aug/14 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Todd Morici #7
04/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours Todd Morici
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Todd Morici



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