0003 67
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - SF
67 3rd Monaco GP Chris Amon    
67   Syracuse GP Italy      
67 4th Dutch GP Chris Amon    
67 3rd Belgian GP Chris Amon #1  
67 dnf (throttle) French GP Chris Amon #2  
67 3rd British GP Chris Amon    
67 3rd German GP Chris Amon #8  
67 8th Mexican GP Jonathon Williams    
68 Dnf South African GP Jacky Ickx    
68 8th Brands Hatch Race Of Champions Jacky Ickx    
68   Brdc Trophy Silverstone      
68 3rd Belgium GP Jacky Ickx    
68 - Jacky Ickx, B
73/jan - Paul Michaels, GB who owned Hexagon Motors a Brabham F1 Team
../... - Restored by Diena/Selingardi Sport Auto, Modena. Engine not correct. Lower inlet track that necessitated lowering the sides of the monocoque to clear the injector bodies and trumpets.   
75/… - Stephen Griswold, US  
77/nov/07 - Don Wasserman, USA via Steve Griswold for $65,000
84/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Don Wasserman
84/aug/25-26 Monterey Historic Races Bob Bondurant
96/mar - Keith Duly & Mark Ketcham, phone (415) 381-0847 fax 381-8605
96/jun/07-09 Mollie Stone Wine Country Classic, Sears Point Keith Duly C94 p20
96/jun/21-23 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Keith Duly
96/aug/30 Ferrari Formula Award FCA National Concours, Watkins Glen Keith Duly C96 p17
97/jan - Abba Kogan, BR (MC) for $600k
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Keith Duly


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