Dino 246 F1
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Scuderia Ferrari
- big chassis frame
58/sep/07 acc. Italian GP, Monza Wolfgang v. Trips #16 DINO, p62
- car destroyed
58/sep/07 Mike Hawthorn's championship car s/n 0003 was fitted for Monza with Dunlop disc brakes and renumbered as s/n 0005  
60 - new s/n0005 246 F1 chassis 232 cm built 
60/feb/07 5th Argentine GP, Buenos Aires Wolfgang v. Trips
60/jun/06 dnf Dutch GP Zandvoort Phil Hill
60/jun/19 dnf Belgian GP, Spa Willy Mairesse
60/jul/03 dnf French GP, Reims Willy Mairesse
60/jul/16 6th British GP, Silverstone Wolfgang v. Trips
60/aug/14 4th Portuguese GP, Oporto Wolfgang v. Trips
61 - donated to the Biscaretti museum, Torino, I DINO, p109
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