0001 61
156 F1 "Sharksnose" 
120 degree V6 engine
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - SF 
61/may/14 2nd OA GP Monaco Richie Ginther
61/may/22 5th OA Dutch GP, Zandvoort Richie Ginther
61/jun/18 3rd OA Belgian GP, Spa Richie Ginther
61/jul/02 dnf French GP, Reims Richie Ginther
61/jul/15 3rd OA British GP, Aintree Richie Ginther
61/aug/08 8th OA German GP, Nuerburgring Richie Ginther
61/sep/10 dnf Italian GP, Monza Richie Ginther
62/apr/28 4th OA Aintree 200 Giancarlo Baghetti
62/may/12 4th OA Silverstone International Trophy Innes Ireland
62/may/20 1st OA Naples GP, Posillippo Willy Mairesse
62/jun/03 3rd OA Monaco GP Lorenzo Bandini
62/jun/17 dnf Belgian GP, Spa Giancarlo Baghetti maybe new '62 chassis 0001
62/aug/05 10th OA German GP, Nuerburgring Giancarlo Baghetti
- further history unknown -



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