09663 67
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, LHD
Blu sera/tan
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - Panichi, I ... via Crepaldi Sas  
7. - exported to USA
86/apr - offered by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - red/black
86 - Frey
87/may - offered by Ron Spangler's Prancing Horse Farm; red/black
87/dec - offered by Carlo Perego, Lausanne, CH; US title  
90/may - offered by Thomas Hamann's Mille Miglia Sport & Race Cars Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, USA; 30.000miles
91/apr - still offered by Thomas Hamann
06/mar - offered by Michel Mhitarian's Mechaniques Modernes & Classiques (MMC), Paris, F
06/mar - Bacchi Srl., Forli, I "MI 3W4852"
10-12 - offered by Maurizio Ricci, Bologna, I
12/sep - ............., B (F) Sylvain Elbaz
13/apr/22-27   Tour Auto Sylvain Elbaz / Daniel Sebag #98 "1-OYE 785"
13/aug - Eberlein Automobile, Kassel, D
13/aug - engine overhauled by Eberlein  
13/sep - DK Engineering, Chorleywood, UK
13/... - took it to bare metal and then repainted it blue Sera  
14/mar - Roland Duce, UK  



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