9631 67/feb/13   *** 5th ***
Ferrari 365 California Spyder, LHD
Beige metallic/tan
no extra headlights
PF job no. 99652
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67/mar/09-19 - Geneva Salon Show car FA21 p37 
67/apr - New York Auto Show car
67/may - Transamerica Car Leasing and leased to a doctor in the USA  
71/apr - advertised for sale by Harry Bell of Transamerica Car Leasing in the Ferrari Owner's Club Newsletter (Vol. 7, No. 4).56.000miles asking $8.500  
7. - Fred Sweet, USA  
7. - dealer in Laguna Beach, CA, USA  
7. - Bill Nicholson, Seattle, WA, USA  
71/sep/12 FCA Northwest Rally II Bill Nicholson PH34 p6
73/aug - Grand Prix Motors, Seattle, 59,394 miles asking $14,000...in need of a total restoration  
75/apr - owned by a leasing company, motors for the pop-up lights were removed and the openings were sealed, repainted orange with black vinyl interior  
76/feb - Sam Alotta, Seattle, WA, USA - totally restored  
76/mar -car was hit in the rear, pushing it into the front of the carport, which damaged the front end, as well. Then the carport roof collapsed on the car. Whoops!  
76/nov - damaged car for sale in L.A. Times  
76 - Greg Garrison, Lakeside, MT, USA FK p68, 70
77 - restored at the factory and Pininfarina "GG 3656T"
04/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours Greg Garrison
05/mar/26 - Garrison died
07/aug/18 - S - Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach auction - $825.000.- incl. buyer's prem.
07/aug/18 - John Valentine, CA, USA
10/aug/14 - S - Gooding & Co Pebble Beach auction - $880,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
10/aug/14 - Arthur W. Zafiropoulo, Atherton, CA, USA



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