09457 67
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, LHD
Alloy Body,
Outside Fuel Filler Cap
2nd of 16 Alloy-Bodied GTB/4's
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67/feb - Neal McGeenan, York, PA, US (via Luigi Chinetti Motors)
70 - Dr. Silva, US “MO 9411”
.. - Luigi Chinetti, US  
07 - Full restoration Marco Baldi's Protauto, Sorbara, IT. Painted gunmetal blue grey metallic, retrimmed with beige leather interior.  
13 - Masao, So and Kei Naito (Naito Auto Engineering), Tokyo, JP  

18 - Shindo Yukio, Tokyo, JP (via Naito Auto Engineering)



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