Ferrari 275 GTB/4


09413 1967/may
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, alloy, LHD, USA
outside filler cap
Rosso Chiaro 20-R-190 Salchi / Pelle Nera VM 8500
engine no. interno 1376/64 changed befoer delivery with 1456/64
gearbox no. interno 90/I
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1967/may - Luigi Chinetti Motors, NY, USA  
1967/may - Bob Peak, CT, USA "AJ 6378"
1967/oct - featured in Car & Driver  
1967 - Charles Rezzaghi Motors, SF, CA, USA ... via Chinetti  
1967/may - Alec Wilson, CA, USA
1969 - Herbert C. Pell, USA  
1969/jun - Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA  
1970/oct - John A. Mayes, Glen Ellyn, IL, USA "MX 5088"
1973/may/30-03 10th Annual Ferrari Club of America Nationals, Grosse Pointe, MI John A. Mayes
1975/may/23-25   12th Annual Ferrari Club of America, Black Hawk Farms, Rockton, IL      
 1980/oct/16 - Paul Chamberlain, UK  
198? - Francois Leiser, B  
1989 - stored at Garage Francorchamps  
1993 - Jean-Jacques Bailly, Vence, F
200. - restored in Italy
2003 - Denis Casanovas, CH "GE 563944" (GE, CH)
2006/may - Laurent Auxietre, F
2006 - Terry Price, Gazelle, CA, USA (Legendary Motors, LMCCARS) 3,500km since restoration  
2006 - The Mecum Collection (paid $1,850,000)  
2008 - William Shappley, Germantown, TN, USA (paid $2,0mio)  "02985 AA" (TN, USA)
2008 - refurbished by Motion Products, Neenah, WI, USA  
2009/jul/08 - Ferrari Classiche certified  
2009/jan/24 XVIII. Cavallino Classic William Shappley
2012/oct/11   49th Annual Ferrari Club of America National Field and Driving Concours, Palm Springs William Shappley    
2013/jan/26 Class 3
XXII. Cavallino Classic Vance & Alanna Shappley    
2013/jan/27 1st IC Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago Vance & Alanna Shappley  
2015/aug - Consigned to Rick Cole Auctions, Monterey, CA  
2015/aug/15 - Rick Cole Online Auction
Est. $7,8mio - $8,6mio
2015/aug/15 - ...........  
2024/jun/12-14 - Sotheby's Sealed
Est. $3,500,000 - 4,500,000.



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