08501 66
Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, alloy, LHD
Metallic Grey / Black
Assembly #381, Scaglietti Body #384
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - Scevaroli, I 1 via Dino Ravasio, Verona, I
67/... - Dennis Wilson, 14400 Sunset Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA
68 - rolled by Tex Watson & Steven Gorgan at  Topanga, CA, USA  
69/... - offered by Hollywood Sports Car, 5766 Hollywood Boulevard, CA, USA. Rolled, crushed top to window level, right nose to left top. Chassis intact  
69/... - parted out by Terry Buffum, Palo Alto, CA, USA - the body was cut off and thrown away (according to Mike Sheehan & Gerald Roush) ... Floor, front structure and front firewall (№ 384) remained with chassis. Steering system, suspension, gearbox № 1223, dashboard, gauges, fuel tank were boxed up  
71/... - Alan Rogers, Paolo Alto, CA, USA  
85 - original engine installed in 08853 (275 GTB)  
89 - Peter Johnson, Redwood City, CA, USA - chassis only  
90 - Barry Watkins, Tustin, CA, USA - chassis only  
90/feb/26 - chassis only + complete suspension and front firewall framework sold by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA in a package deal to Fulvio Visioli's Officina Visauto, Cremona, I  
00/... M. Barthet, F  
00 - Françoise Vicini, Alpes Maritimes, F (incl. engine from 08853) "42 AYM 06"
01 - obtained cracked engine #08501 from Bill Griffith, Encino area, CA, USA in exchange for engine #08853  
01 - Chassis, floor, front structure and front firewall (№ 384) seen in Monaco area. Reconstruction begins. New alloy body, painted yellow, black interior, gearbox type 952 9X32  
02/oct/31 - Title for completed car issued Françoise Vicini  
13/apr/04-07   4th Monaco Motor Legend, Monaco Françoise Vicini    
13/may/31-jun/02   Sport & Collection, 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Le Vigeant Françoise Vicini "42 AYM 06"
13/aug/17   Défilé d'élégance Automobile Valecure, Saint Raphaël, France Françoise Vicini    
14/sep/25-27   1st Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Légendes, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France Françoise Vicini    


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