08249 66/feb/14
Ferrari 275 GTB, 3-carb, alloy, LHD 
Chassis tipo 563
Enigne tipo 213/comp
numero interno 1052, dry sump
transaxle 9x32, internal 658
roll cage, headrest, special cushion seat for driver,
lid on right front fender for dry sump reservoir, no bumpers
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/mar/08 - Edoardo Spreafico’s Edilpark Societa immobiliare SpA, 9 Via Fatebenefratelli, Milano, I via Crepaldi - paid Lit. 5,750 000 "MI B 06847" 
66/mar/12-13 5th OA
1st IC
Coppa F.I.S.A., Monza Giovanni Pessina
66/apr/14 - suspension & engine tuned in the garage of Lorenzo Bandini,  5 via Sonivio Milano, I
66/apr/25 19th OA 2nd GT+3.0 1000km Monza Giovanni Pessina / Piero Botalla #15 Pourret 275 p100
66/apr/25 - Front & read body damaged after collision with 06785. Car sent back to factory for repairs. Vents added to rear wings, larger front parking lights.
66/may/08 wdn Targa Florio Giovanni Pessina / Piero Botalla #62
67/jan – 13,700 km; engine modifications for street use  
67/jan/23 - Mario De Lorenzi, 33 Via Bella Vitis, Vicenza, I - paid Lit. 1,000.000 "VI 126013"
67/feb/28 - Guido Niccolai, Via Achille Grandi, Firenze, I - paid Lit. 1,900.000 "FI 419677"
68/may/14 - Robert Baschera, Via 1 Marchi, Firenze, I - paid Lit. 3,300.000
68/jul/26 - Berta Brilli, 13 Via B. Castelli, Firenze, I
73/jul/19 – Bill Nicholas (Chief Justice of California), CA, USA
73 - James McRoberts, Paramount, CA, USA
76 - Disassembled with intention to prepare for 12hrs of Daytona ... Project abandoned when car didn’t meet manufacturing year cut-off
80/jan/16 - Joe Alphabet's Contemporary Classics, Newport Beach, CA, USA
80/jul/21 - A.J. Lees, Birmingham, UK - paid $20,000 ... Disassembled, original parts. Damaged in shipping
04/apr/26 - S - Bonhams Hendon auction - Lot 641 PDS 166,500 + VAT; dismantled, stripped to bare alloy, body damaged
04/apr/26 - Joel Humbert, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, F - paid PDS 195.737,50

04 - Inspected by Brandoli Egidio Srl, IT, before 2 year restauration at Luc Franza Sport, Antibes, FR

07/may   2nd FRMSA Grand Prix Historique de Tanger, MA JoŽl Humbert #11  
07/oct/28   Grand Prix Historique de Malte,  La Valleta, MT JoŽl Humbert #39  
07/nov/03-04   8th Grand Prix Historique de Tunis, TN JoŽl Humbert #44  
08/jun-21-22   Grand Prix Historique de Marseille, FR JoŽl Humbert #72  
09/jun/05-07 Sport & Collection - 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Val de Vienne Christian Fleury
11/jun/24-26   16th Vernasca Silver Flag, Piacenza. 1st prize “Conservation of historic racing cars” Nino Vaccarella
JoŽl Humbert
11/aug/13   Concours d'Elťgance de Nice      
12/mar/08-11   5th Monte-Carlo Concours d’Elegance
(Part of Monaco Motor Show)
12/apr/04-07   6th Monte-Carlo Concours d’Elegance
(Part of Monaco Motor Show)
14/oct/10-12   French Riviera Classic Motor Show, Nice, FR      
15/oct/16-18   2nd French Riviera Classic Motor Show, Nice, FR      
17/mar/24-26   Avignon Motor Festival      
17/aug/05   22nd Dťfilť d'Elegance Automobile, Valescure (Saint RaphaŽl), FR      
18/aug/04   23rd Dťfilť d'Elegance Automobile, Valescure (Saint RaphaŽl), FR      
19/jun/27-30   Elťgance et Automobile ŗ Monte-Carlo, Monaco JoŽl Humbert #15 "774 BJP 06"



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