06785 65
Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, short nose, LHD 
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/apr/28 - Monteverdi, Binningen, CH
65/apr/29 - Siegfried Zwimpfer, Zurich, CH "NW 1564"
65/jul/04 2nd IC Rochefort-La Tourne hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #147
65/jul/25 dns V Cesana-Sestrière hillclimb Siegried Zwimpfer #390
65/aug/01 dns Côte d’Axamer Lizum hillclimb Siegried Zwimpfer #25
65/aug/22 3rd IC XXII. St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #329
65/aug/29 1st IC V. Großer Bergpreis der Schweiz,
Siegfried Zwimpfer #137
65/sep/26 8th IC Preis von Hockenheim Siegfried Zwimpfer #152
65/oct/10 1st IC GP Tirol,
Innsbruck airfield base
Siegfried Zwimpfer #5
66/apr/11 1st IC Lorenzweiler hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer
66/apr/25 17th OA
1000km di Monza Siegfried Zwimpfer/
Hans Illert
#16 FY66 p17 Pourret 275 p81
66/may/07 1st IC Slalom Wangen,
Siegfried Zwimpfer #121
66/may/22 dnf Gran Premio Svizzero di Monza Siegfried Zwimpfer #40
66/jun/12 2nd IC 1. Lauf zur Europa-Berg- meisterschaft, VIII. Alpenberg- preis Rossfeld Siegfried Zwimpfer #41
66/jun/19 1st IC GT race Hockenheim Siegfried Zwimpfer #179
66/jun/26 2nd IC 42nd Mont Ventoux hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #103
66/jul/03 2nd IC Oberhallau hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #224
66/jul/10 2nd IC Trento-Bondone hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #244
66/jul/24 3rd IC VI Cesana-Sestrière hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #444
66/jul/31 dns Freiburg-Schauinsland hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #37
66/aug/21 1st IC XXIII. St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #224
66/aug/28 dns Sierre-Montana Crans hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #239
66/sep/11 1st IC Mitholz-Kandersteg hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #226
66/sep/25 1st IC Eigental hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #230
66/oct/09 1st IC Marchairuz hillcllimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #198
66 - Swiss GT Champion
67/mar/19 acc. Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières Siegfried Zwimpfer #72 "NW 890"
- Zwimpfer came off the road at the Solitude racetrack, damaging the rear end AMS 8/67 p36
67/apr/23 1st IC Airfield slalom race at Payerne Siegfried Zwimpfer #176
67/apr/25 dnf 1000km di Monza Siegfried Zimpfer/
Pierre Sudan
67/may/21 5th IC IV. Carrera en Cuesta al Montseny hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer  #58
67/jun/04 5th IC 2. Lauf zur Europa- & 6. Lauf zur Deutschen Bergmeisterschaft, Alpenbergpreis Roßfeld Siegfried Zwimpfer #75
67/jun/18 3rd IC 43rd Mont Ventoux hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #110
67/jun/25 1st IC Lens-Crans hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #216
67/jul/09 4th IC Trento-Bondone hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #190
67/jul/16 dns VII Cesana-Sestrière hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #390
67/jul/30 1st IC 6. Lauf zur Europa- & 8. Lauf zur Deutschen Bergmeisterschaft, Bergpreis Freiburg-Schauinsland Siegfried Zwimpfer #122
67/aug/20 dns XIV. St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillclimb Peter Ettmueller #262
67/aug/27 28th OA
4th IC
VII. Ollon-Villars hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #143
67/sep/03 dnf Gaisberg hillclimb Siegfried Zwimpfer #31
67/oct - Pierre Sudan, Zug, CH "ZG 2"
67/oct/08 6th IC Innsbruck airfield race Pierre Sudan
68/apr/25 dnf 1000km di Monza Pierre Sudan/
Cox Kocher
68/may/26 1st IC Lodève hillclimb Pierre Sudan    
68/jun/16 1st IC Veneto Cansiglio hillclimb Pierre Sudan #56
68/jun/23 3rd IC Herbeumont hillclimb Pierre Sudan    
68/jul/14 2nd IC ACS TI AMAG Cup, Monza Pierre Sudan
68 Luxembourg Pierre Sudan
68 - damaged on the way to Belgium when the truck overturned and the car fell into a ditch, repaired in Switzerland
68 - Conrad Waser, Flüela-Garage, Davos-Dorf, CH - SFr. 14,000.- "GR 2701“
94/mar/23 - Gregor Wolff, Betzdorf, D (also Bulle, CH) "FR 73390“
98/nov - offered by Modena Motorsport, Langenfeld, D for DM 340,000.-  
99/jun/30 Modena Motorsport F1 meeting, Nuerburgring Gregor Wolff "AK-04677“ 
00/feb/14 - Ulf Randers, Stockholm, S "RGK 724“



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