08091 65
Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, alloy, LHD 
Factory documentation does not show 08091 as alloy bodied
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - Georges Lafond, Paris, F  
7./mid - Francois Jolly, 78-Le Pecq, F
82/jun/30 - offered by Pierol SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH in AMS 13/82 p83: 

"Ferrari 275 GTB 2, normale Version, Sport-Chassis, Nr. 8091, Farbe rot;  Tel.: 032/972472, ab 20 Uhr "


.. - Pierre de Siebenthal, Lausanne, CH
90 - Hans Thulin, S - Consolidator Collection "PCS 720"
93/feb/ 01 - S - Coys London auction - $148,750; red/black, grey carpets; alloy KO wheels; unrestored car with good (re?)paint and interior; tidy and useable
93 - David Cohen, West Vancouver, CDN "FHJ 165D"
9. - Cohen had the car at Terry Hoyles' for restoration. While at Hoyles', Hoyle
foolishly lowered a hoist and made it into a flat wheel base
99/nov27 - for sale in FML by Bob Le Flufy. Red with black interior. 28,000 kms, believed to be original. Alloy, six-carb, outside fuel filler, competition 15" Borranis and Campagnolo wheels. Restored 1993 by Terry Hoyle, gorgeous. Car is in Vancouver.
French and Canadian title. US$265,000
00/aug/19 - S - Brooks Quail Lodge auction - $255,500 incl. buyer's prem.
02/mar23 - for sale in FML by Karam Auto. Red/black with grey carpets. 28,000 km. Competition wheels. Engine rebuilt. A very nice car. $249,900
02/aug/17 - S - Bonhams Quail Lodge auction - PDS 165,909 incl. buyer's prem.
02/aug/17 - Tom & Robert Kurtz, CT, USA
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