07931 65
Ferrari 275 GTB, long nose, 6-carb, LHD 
Grigio argento met./rosso
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - Jacques Swaters, Brussels, B  
65/nov/22 - Philippe de Montaigu, B
.. - ..............., USA
.. - ..............., F
.. - burnt to ashes in a fire
99-02 - very rough car, chassis rebuilt based on the front frame holding the engine, Competizione Speciale alloy body fitted; work done by Hietbrink, NL. Race prepared by Piet Roelofs, NL FP p258
02/jan - displayed at Maastricht MECC exhibition in bare alloy
10/apr/07-11 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D by Hall & Hall - red/blue
11 - Auto Storica, Barcelona, E

11/dec - Auto Retro Barcelona displayed by Auto Storica


13/jun - Auto Bello Barcelona

15/dec - for sale at Auto Storica, Barcelona, E  



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