07637 65/jul/28
Ferrari 275 GTB, short nose, steel, LHD 
Rosso chiaro/beige
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/aug/20 - Norma Giovannini, Firenze, I via Garage La Rotonda, Prato, I  
65/dec/12 - Miriam Fumagalli, Milano, I via Garage La Rotonda, Prato, I
6. - modified to long nose
67/oct/15 2nd IC 3'08"85 Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb, GT>1300 class Moreno Baldi #240 P-G p351       "MI D18267"  FY67
68/jun/24 - Antonio Mino Bettarini, Firenze, I "FI 444094"
68/sep/09 - Gian Bruno Palamenghi, Firenze, I
69 - exported to USA
69 - Dr. Paul Wilson, Crystal Lake, IL, USA "CL 4364 (IL)"
7.-12/may - stored in Chicago, IL, USA, in need of complete restoration
12/aug/18 - S - Gooding & Co.'s Pebble Beach auction - $946,000.- (€766,260.-) incl. buyer's prem.
12/aug/18 - Pierre Mellinger, Lausanne, CH (PL)
19/apr/10 - displayed at Techno Classica by Axel Schuette  



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