06645 65
Ferrari 275 GTB, 3-carb, short nose, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - Dr. Harry F. Jones, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA - picked up directly in Modena
65/mar - exported to USA by Jones
68 - Dr. William Raike, Austin, TX, USA
.. - Charles F. Their, Austin, TX, USA  
72/apr - offered by Charles F. Their, Austin, TX, USA  
7. - Howard Phillips, Austin, TX, USA - red  
77/dec - offered by Phillips, red, rebuilt, engine, updated heads, rebuilt brakes, vane-type alloy wheels, new paint with no rust, no bondo on body. New interior, chrome and rubber
78 - Robert Taylor, Burlingame, CA, USA  
78/jul - offered by Robert Taylor  
79 - Russell N. Head, Burlingame, CA, USA  
82 - Frank Kawalkowski, SF, CA, USA  
92/apr - offered for $235,000.- in FML by Ferrari of San Francisco, SF, CA, USA - red/black FML 1709
93/feb - offered for $190,000.-by in FML by Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA, USA - red/black FML 1819
93/sep - offered for $148,000.- by Fantasy Junction, Berkeley, CA, USA; 77,000miles  
94 - ……..., USA via Fantasy Junction  
02/sep - offered in FML by by Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA, USA -

Fresh fly yellow metal-up paint and very nice black leather. Burl wood dash, sunburst wheels, detailed engine and latest update on driveshaft. Beautiful car in excellent condition.

FML 2719
02 - Frederick Schatzman, Great Falls, VA, USA  
04 - .................., USA via Fantasy Junction  
11/jun - offered by Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA, USA - yellow with black leather interior. Delivered new at the factory to an American who had the car serviced under warranty at the factory before shipping it to the U.S. March 1965. Passing through the hands of a few Texas owners before being sold to a California owner in 1978, where it stayed until it was sold by Fantasy Junction in 1994. FJ sold the car again in 2002, when it had just received a bare metal repaint, and again in 2004 to the current owner. Since 2004, the car has had over $132,000 in work, including completely rebuilt suspension, transaxle, steering box, and a full engine rebuild by Wayne Obry’s Motion Products. Much other maintenance work has been performed, including rebuilding the fuel pump, adding an electric fan, replacing various hoses, regular fluid changes, services, and tune-ups, new tires, and other work by its detail-oriented owner. As long as we have known the car, it has had a burled dashboard. Engine rebuild just finished. Cosmetically and mechanically excellent. Complete with tools, books and a thick file of invoices (including three invoices from Chinetti Motors, circa 1965-1968). FML 3613
11/jul - ……, via Talacrest ltd  - yellow/black "65 275 GTB (NY)"
12/oct - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Ascot, Berkshire, UK (trade against yellow 4 cam)
.. - .................. - yellow "AHJ 457C"
13/sep/13-15 safety car Goodwood Revival Meeting
18/feb/07 - offered by Fiskens, London, UK  



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